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Where did aboriginals sleep?

It has been reported by observers that the aboriginals would sleepout in the open in the grass or sand. William Dampier reported thatthey had no houses and didn't use any cove ( Full Answer )
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What is an Aboriginal?

Aboriginal simply means "from the original people." They are the original inhabitants of the land.
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Who were the aborigines?

The word "aborigine" means a native race of any land. Aboriginalpeoples are those who are indigenous to the area. American Indiansare Aboriginal Americans. Most people, when t ( Full Answer )
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Who are the aboriginals?

The aborginals are the first peoples of Australia. Their history arguably dates back some 30 to 40 thousand years.
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Who is a aborigine?

Aborigines were one of the first people who lived in Australia. Indigenous (native) Australians were dispossessed of their land, despised for their culture, and marginalized, ( Full Answer )
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What is aboriginal?

An aboriginal person is one whose ancestors have lived in a particular place since before written history.
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How did the Aboriginals get to Australia?

Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia. DNA testing hasindicated that the Australian Aborigines originally came from theIndian subcontinent. They are believed to ha ( Full Answer )
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Where did Aborigines live?

The word "aborigine" means a native race of any land. Aborigine is a general term, and not the name of a specific group of people. It means "from the beginning, or out of t ( Full Answer )
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What are the aboriginal colors?

The colours that people used to colour aboriganal painting & drawings are very earthy colours like red from blood ,brown was used a lot also oranges
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Who are aboriginal people?

Aboriginal people refer to the native race of Australian people.Aboriginal Australians were also found on islands close toAustralia.
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What do aborigines worship?

Australian aborigines do not actually worship anything or anyone.They live a peaceful coexistence with their environment. They dorecognize that there are some spirits that the ( Full Answer )
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What were the aborigines known for?

The Aborigines were known for being skilful hunters and stealthy trackers. They had the ability to merge seemingly invisibly into their surroundings. They were amazingly accur ( Full Answer )
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Why do aboriginals get benefits?

the reason Aboriginals get more benefits then the mainstream Australia; IE white Australians (yes i am white), is because we have taught not only the aboriginal people but als ( Full Answer )
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What do aboriginals do for a living?

Most Aboriginals in the Northern Territory of Australia do not work. They receive government assistance, sufficient to live on. A western style work ethic is absent among Abor ( Full Answer )
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When did aboriginals get to vote?

they got to vote in 1962 definitatly then did i mencion that i am a aboriginal
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Who are the Aborigines?

These are the first nations people as we call them in Canada, the first human inhabitants of a country. The word comes from the Latin meaning "From the beginning" The term ( Full Answer )
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What did the aborigines do?

The aborigine women were considered as the gatherers. They gatheredfood for their tribes such as berries, seeds, and yams.
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What are aborigines?

answer 2 Aborigine is a person natively of that place. One whose ancestry is involved with that place. The Aborigines are the native peoples of Australia, the First Nation ( Full Answer )
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What was the aboriginal?

Black or of African decent. This is why, in my opinion, out of all the races on earth everyone has the same hair except black people. Black people are the only race that can s ( Full Answer )
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What did aboriginal women do for the aboriginal tribe?

The women were the 'Gatherers'. They would gather food for the tribe such as berries, seeds, yams, witchetty grubs, tubers and nuts. They showed the children how to catch smal ( Full Answer )
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How do you say speaking aboriginal in aboriginal?

There is no one Aboriginal language. It is like asking how to say something in European. When Europeans first came to Australia there were about 400 give or take distinct lang ( Full Answer )
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Did the Aborigines eat other Aborigines?

On the whole, Aborigines were not believed to engage in cannibalistic behaviour. However: whilst exploring the Mt Augustus area in June 1858, explorer Francis Gregory found ( Full Answer )
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How did the aboriginals mistreated the aboriginals?

I think you mean "How were the Aboriginals mistreated by the European Settlers?" If that's what you meant, well the Aboriginal people were believedto be racially inferior to ( Full Answer )
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Why are aboriginals called aboriginals?

They are called Aboriginals because they were the first people on the land before the Europeans and different cultures. There the original people.
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Who are the aboriginals in Australia?

"Aboriginal" is an adjective which describe a type of people. TheAboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the indigenous people ofAustralia, the first natives of Australia, ( Full Answer )
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Where did the Aborigines get paint from?

Aborigines were resourceful people who extracted a variety of colours from their natural environment. They obtained red, orange, dark purple, brown and orange from grin ( Full Answer )
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What were the aboriginal superstition?

This is an aboriginal superstition; When a kookaburra laughs it is laughing at a magpie being burnt as punishment for eating kookaburra eggs. The story goes; the Nulla Nu ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Aboriginals and what did they do?

The aboriginals are indigenous people of Australia What did they do ? lived in Australia and then the British people came and colonized Australia.
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Why are the aborigines angry?

Because they want THEIR land back ! The Aborigines were the indigenous people of Australia, before being ousted by settlers and invaders from other countries - in the same way ( Full Answer )
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Why do aboriginals have powwows?

They have them to express their feelings, show their connections with the land, to express their cultures beliefs and it has been a tradition for hundreds of years!
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Is aborigines a noun?

Yes, it is a noun. It is a plural noun meaning originalinhabitants, who are people.
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Is aboriginal the same as aborigines?

Strictly speaking, no. "Aborigines" refers to the noun, the actual people, and should always be capitalised; "aboriginal" is an adjective, I.e. referring to "aboriginal peop ( Full Answer )
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Who are Aborigines?

Aborigines is a generic term for a native people beforecolonization by a more developed nation. With that said, however, the term is most used to describe thenative population ( Full Answer )