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Were abouts do you get the old rod in diamond?

It is located in the thing that you go through to get to canalve, the place that leads to the "fishing spot", you will see a fisherman, and talk to him, say yes, and there you ( Full Answer )
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What aboute Chechnia?

In 1994-1996, the Russian federation attacked the nation of chechnya, which had unofficialy declaired independance from russia. chechnya maintained control of their country du ( Full Answer )
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Where abouts is the North Pole?

The north pole is the place where the axis of rotation meets theearth's surface in the northern hemisphere. It's in the middle ofthe Arctic Ocean, north of Alaska, Canada, Gre ( Full Answer )
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Where abouts is carlisle in cumbria?

Carlisle (pronounced , locally /ˈkɑːlaɪl/ ( Full Answer )
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Where abouts in France is Boulogne?

There several places named Boulogne in France. There is Boulogne-sur-Mer, a city in the north of the country near Lille. Boulogne is also the largest park (some would say a ( Full Answer )
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Where Abouts in Seattle is the space needle?

A real answer would be that the Space Needle is at The Seattle Center. address 400 Broad Street. Its very near downtown. heard of the EMP? its at the same place. Same place th ( Full Answer )
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Where abouts in dumfries is primark?

If you are talking about Dumfermline , it is on the central high street 127-137 (store number). It is open Monday - Wednesday 9 - 6pm. Thursday 9 - 8pm, Friday - Saturday 9 ( Full Answer )
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What animals aboutness?

Animals typically aren't about anything in particular exceptsurvival. This encompasses feeding, rest, breeding, and a basiclevel of comfort at least.