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Im new owner of a 8 week old guinea pig. I put abox in his cage so he can sleep. but he nevers come out. should i take the box out?

you need to feed them fresh pellets and if the only thing that is fresh is the guinea pig food then its ok cause i fee my gerbil hamster food and shes fine. yeah i got two gu ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a lag switch for abox 360?

You will need.. 1 Ethernet Cable 1 On/Off switch(light wish recommended) 1 Cable Cutter/Scissors No life, skill, or friends Step 1) Take the ethernet cable and carfully cut it ( Full Answer )
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How can you fined the volume of abox with the meaasurmentss of 4 cm in length 5 cm in width and 10 cm in height?

The very first thing you absolutely must do is either open your book, or else see your teacher, and go over the first, easiest volume problem. To find the volume of a box ( Full Answer )