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What is abrasive cloth?

Answer: . Tough cloth to whose surface an abrasive such as sand or emery has been bonded for use in grinding or polishing.. On the lighter side: . Argumentative cloth ( Full Answer )
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What is an abrasive personality?

Answer . An abrasive personality just means one has a tendancy to be annoying to someone resulting or causing a hostile feeling to whoever it is that one is annoying or ca ( Full Answer )
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What does abrasion mean?

Abrasion is when particles carried by water or wind weather away rocks. Additional: An abrasion is also a wound caused when skin is scraped away by contact with another o ( Full Answer )
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What is abrasion in nature?

Abrasion occurs then rocks and stones, picked up by the glacier through plucking, are rubbed against the bedrock at the bottom and side of the glacier, as the glacier passes, ( Full Answer )
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Is sugar abrasive?

Yes, sugar is abrasive. It is slightly more abrasive than bakingsoda. Sugar is often used in body scrubs to exfoliate dead skincells.
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What is the process of abrasion?

abrasion is the process of scraping or wearing away. for example rocks in the sea hitting a cliff and wearing it away.
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What is Glacial Abrasion?

Glaciers knock off and drag very hard boulders and gravels on their path to melting. The contact points between the entrapped rocks and the surrounding bedrock act like a gian ( Full Answer )
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Abrasive in a sentence?

An abrasive cleanser may remove those stains. The last time I missed a deadline, my boss's reprimands were loud and abrasive. He likes to keep things brief and to th ( Full Answer )
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What is an abrasive cleaner?

An abrasive cleaner is one that might scratch a surface beingcleaned. Steel wool is an abrasive cleaner. Comet is also anabrasive cleaner because it contains a gritty formula ( Full Answer )
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Abrasion in a sentence?

"Wind has caused these rocks to rub against each other and now they are weared down, abrasio must have occured." That's my sentence
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How does abrasion occur?

Abrasion is done by the waves of the sea. The waves smash against the rocks or cliffs and it erodes them away leaving either- an arch, cave, stump, stack or ( Full Answer )
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What is wind abrasion?

Abrasion is the process by witch wind removes surface materials. . Abrasion is the process by witch wind removes surface materials.
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What is the definition of abrasives?

abrasives: adj.. Causing abrasion: scratched the stovetop with an abrasive cleanser. . Harsh and rough in manner: an unpleasant, abrasive personality. . n. A substance ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of abrasion?

Abrasion is caused by friction or rubbing of the skin with a rough surface. Rug burns and board burns are also examples of abrasion, because they are caused by friction. Re ( Full Answer )
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What is water abrasion?

Water abrasion changes the physical conditions of rocks, cliffs and along shore lines. The reason why rocks are so smooth when you take them out of the water is because of wa ( Full Answer )
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What is abrasive blasting?

Lol it is not that "blasting" !!! It is the method of cleaningsurface properties by stream of abrasives under high velocity. foreg. smooth a rough surface,roughen a smooth s ( Full Answer )
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Where does abrasion occur?

In a river, when rocks are carried along by the river and the rocks chip away at the river's bed and banks.
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How can you cure abrasion?

The biggest concern with abrasions is infection. Keep it dry, use an antibiotic. It should heal nicely if you do that. If it's REALLY severe, it is treated like a burn. It ( Full Answer )
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What is abrasion in geography?

This is the process by which the bed and banks are worn down by the river's load. The river throws these particles against the bed and banks, sometimes at high speeds
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What is abrasion erosion?

Abrasion is where flowing water picks up rocks and moves them along in it's current. It can cause damage to the side of rivers (Lateral Erosion) as well as the riverbed (Verti ( Full Answer )
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What is creep abrasion?

Creep is the slow mass movement of soil particles down a slope. Itis so slow that we do not see it happen. Creep is often shown inthe form of tilted objects along the slope.
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Is abrasive a synonym?

It can be. Abrasive is a synonym for caustic, cutting, biting,acerbic; rough, harsh, hard, tough, sharp, grating, curt, brusque,stern, severe; wounding, nasty, cruel, callous, ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of abrasives?

Abrasives are used in sandpaper, grinding wheels, traction strips, polishing compounds. They allow you to smooth, cut, shape, or polish items. Or, they promote friction suc ( Full Answer )
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Is talc an abrasive?

can be used in place of rottenstone. Not so good for rubbing out a finish but good for cleaning up bare wood after sanding.
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What does abrasion do to the beach?

You know on a beach when you walk on the park that is really smooth and right next to the water, abrasion took the minerals and took them with the water and landed on the beac ( Full Answer )
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What are natural abrasives?

Natural abrasives are hard material than can be found in the earthsurface that is used to shape other materials through grinding orabrading. Important natural abrasives, such ( Full Answer )
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What does abrasions mean?

it is like you'll keep rubbing against your skin and the skin will come out
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What is metallic abrasive?

Non-Metallic Abrasive - A blast cleaning abrasive made from naturally-occurring, by-product, or manufactured materials. Naturally-occurring abrasives include silica sand, oliv ( Full Answer )
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What are abrasives cleaners?

Abrasive cleaners usually contain a mineral that scratches when you rub the cleanser on the surface you're trying to cleane. Sometimes this is borax or other hard minerals. Th ( Full Answer )
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Can you shower with your abrasions?

Please shower when you have abrasions (eg. while shaving). It helps remove microbes in dust that may land on abrided skin. Washing or shower is so useful that you may not requ ( Full Answer )
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What is ice abrasion?

where water gets into ice cracks and then freezes and makes biggercracks in the ice that will very soon break apart.
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What is abrasive machining?

Abrasive machining is when you use a machine to apply something rough, like sandpaper, a file, sand blasting, etc., to an item to shape it or smooth its surface.
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How does abrasive feel?

The abrasive personality refers to the tendency of being veryannoying to someone which causes or results to a very hostilefeeling.
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Definition of abrasion?

A place where the surface of something , such as skin , has been rubbed away.