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What does Dar un abrazo fuertue mena in Spanish?

it means like strong arm. abrazo is arm and fuertue is stong but u did spell it wrong who ever posted this question. Brazo-arm fuerte-strong and mean- is how you spell mean . ( Full Answer )
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What does cuidate bien y abrazos fuertes mean?

Take good care of yourself and "big" hugs! ;-) (sorry, I am native German speaker, and not too familiar with English phrases, hope big hugs exist at all :-p)
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What does musos abrazos y musos besos mean?

well i think you got the word "musos" wrong because if it was "muchos", then in spanish it would be "lots of hugs and lots of kisses"
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What does Un abrazo muy grande primita mean?

A very big hug (embrace) (little) cousin. Primita means little cousin, but it is also often used as a term of endearment.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Los abrazos rotos - 2009?

The cast of Los abrazos rotos - 2009 includes: Marta Aledo as Maribel Enrique Aparicio Juan Bautista Cucarella Yuyi Beringola as Recepcionista Cinearte Javier Coll as Luis Bin ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in El abrazo partido - 2004?

The cast of El abrazo partido - 2004 includes: Adriana Aizemberg as Sonia Makaroff Jorge Boigen as Tio Jorge Sergio Boris as Joseph Makaroff Silvina Bosco as Rita Daniel Cargi ( Full Answer )