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Is there a word such as absence?

The general usage word is 'absence', meaning 'being away'.. There is also a medical term relating to epilepsy often spelled 'absense' but this is an incorrect spelling. The c ( Full Answer )
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What is leave of absence?

When a employee has to leave for personal reasons and is not paid for the time gone but is insured that when they came back they would get there job back too.
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Who acts in the absence of the vice president?

In the absence of the Vice President then the Speaker of the Housewould next in line for the presidential line of succession. Then itwould go to president pro tempore of the s ( Full Answer )
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Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence?

A: That is correct: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The philosopher, Bertrand Russell wrote that if he claimed that a perfectly formed teapot were orbiting t ( Full Answer )
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Is white a color or an absence of color?

In additive synthesis (light), White is a combination of all colors (Red, Green, and Blue being the primaries)... In subtractive synthesis (pigment), White is the absence of a ( Full Answer )
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What is the absence of color?

Jet black. Black. ADDED BY JACOBM1198: Actually, white is the absence of color. Many people think that black is the absence of color because they think it is the absence ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with absence?

nonsense . nuisance , . condolence, . guidance, . balance, . brilliance, . alliance, . distance, . reverence, .
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What is a sentence for absence?

Vicki agreed with the old saying that absence makes the heart growfonder. The word absence is a noun that means the state of notbeing present.
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Absence of color is?

absence of matter ADDED BY JACOBM1198: Actually, white is the absence of color. Many people think that black is the absence of color because they think it is the absence o ( Full Answer )
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Is light the absence of dark or is dark the absence of light?

Hi there, That is a question which is deeper than it may first appear. Mmm. I would go with dark being the absence of light, since light is actually something (electromagne ( Full Answer )
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What is an absence of disease?

Most people would say that an absence of disease is "health". However, there are many conditions that are not "diseases" and so, a person may have a "condition" that affects t ( Full Answer )
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What is absence of disease?

Functional health is integrative, and absence of disease is physical, mental, and social well being or infirmity".
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What is the absence of slang?

The absence of slang is a characteristic of formal language. Evenin informal contexts, people might avoid slang when speaking topeople outside the profession or peer group wit ( Full Answer )
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Absence of Fear?

The fear of the absense of fear, or being afraid of the fact that you are not afraid of anything is Hypophobia
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What is Pascal's law in absence of gravity?

It's the principle that pressure, in an enclosed space, distributesin such a way that there is the same pressure everywhere.
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Color is the absence of all colors?

The absence of color is not white it s a Transparency Examples: Typical materials include glass, plastic and fluorite. ADDED BY JACOBM1198: This is sort of correct. Somethin ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of absence?

I think it is present. Absent is when your not in, then when your present you are in.
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What is the difference between absence and near absence?

absence = gone, not there near absence = almost gone, something remains (i.e. the near absence of this chemical in food, meaning for all practical purposes it is absent, yet ( Full Answer )
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What is a absence seizure?

An absence seizure is a brief period of unconsciousness (usually 5-10 seconds) when a person appears to be daydreaming or "spacing out." They do not fall over the are just unc ( Full Answer )
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Who has more absences boys or girls?

I would have to guess Girls, because most Guys I know are obsessed with sex and always have thoughts of it.
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Who wrote the phrase 'absence of evidence is not evidence of absence'?

This is a phrase attributed to British astrophysicist Martin Rees, which is cited from a proceedings of the Life Beyond Earth & The Mind of Man symposium, 1972, jointly sponso ( Full Answer )
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What the absence of war or other hostilities?

The phrase used for the absence of war or hostilities is, itself, peace. Peace is a goal that many strive for.Ê
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What is the meanig of absence?

something that isn't there that should be/ the state of being away from a place or person/ non existence or lack of
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Is chlorophyll the absence of green light?

no. Chlorophyll is the absence of what is sometimes known as 'Quadphlapic light', only because of it's absinity to water. Quadphlapic light has no evidence to having quadrotic ( Full Answer )
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Why is cold just the absence of heat?

Our body is used to a specific normal amount of heat. Heat, is the energy of a particle, so if a particle has a high energy amount, it will vibrate more, which makes it appear ( Full Answer )
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Can osmosis occur in the absence of menbrane?

Osmosis is a type of diffusion that occurs with a semi permeablemembrane. It can therefore not occur without a membrane becausethat is what differentiates it from diffusion.
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Why does absence hurt?

In the sense of a relationship it does because you begin to miss your partner and it effects your trust and your relationship in general due to the fact that the two are toget ( Full Answer )
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What is the adverb for absence?

The noun absence has the verb and adjective form absent. Therelated adverb form is absently , which, however, has aconnotation beyond simple absence: it suggests inattentiven ( Full Answer )
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Can there be an absence of matter?

There is no space where there is no matter. Even in a vacuum, matter, no matter how miniscule does exist.
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What is unplanned absence?

Any unforeseen circumstances. In the workplace, for example, a holiday is planned absence - whereas an accident forcing an employee to take time off work is unplanned absence ( Full Answer )
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Is absence an adverb?

No. It is a noun. There is an adverb form of the adjective absent,which is absently , but it has an entirely differentconnotation (inattentively, in a preoccupied or peripher ( Full Answer )