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Is black the absents of color?

No, black is the absence of light, so there is no such as black light and if there is no light, there is only black.
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How do you show absent-minded?

People demonstrate that they are absentminded when they lack focus.They may forget things easily and demonstrate the inability tothink logically things.
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Is absent-minded one word?

It is used as a single word. Compound adjectives with the -ed form are always hyphenated or spelled as one word. (Absent-minded is occasionally found as a single word withou (MORE)
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Do you have to go to court if your attorney is on a leave of absents?

The court sets the date of appearance. It should be communicated to the attorney. If they are not available, they should ask the court to move the hearing or court date. If (MORE)
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What is 'Someone is absent' in French?

Quelqu'un est absent is a French equivalent of 'Someone is absent'. The words in French are pronounced 'kehl-keh-neh-tahb-sawnt'. In the word by word translation, the mascul (MORE)
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Are all absentism are bad?

No. For example if an employee is ill and may spread disease among the workforce a thoughtful company would have policies that support their being absent while sick.
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How do you know if your absent-mindedly neglecting your child?

Usually when you have to think quite hard to summon details you should know.. Details like when their birthday is or what they like, who their closest friends our perhaps. It (MORE)