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How do absent fathers affect their sons?

not having a father . My father left me when I was 4 years old, he used to beat my mum up, and this affected me in ways that are hard to explain, but I find it hard to do t ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean if your patellar reflex is absent?

The patellar reflex is a reaction designed to prevent your quadriceps muscle from over-stretching When you put the hammer to your knee, you are stretching the tendon. In a hea ( Full Answer )
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What does absent minded mean?

Absent minded means negligent because of thinking about other things than the matter at hand.
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What is it when your child is absent minded?

Abenst minded means that they are extremely forgetful, or wasn't thinking at the time or something similair. It is just an expression that a lot of old people use.
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Why is atmosphere absent in mercury?

Mercury has very high temperatures and is made up of hard rock. Weare like a newborn baby - our planet can't resist such hightemperatures, and that is why we have an atmospher ( Full Answer )
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What is opposite to absent?

present: being or existing in a specified place "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding "; "present at the creation"
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What does absent mean?

Absent means not in attendance. You can be absent from school, beabsent minded or absent in physical presence for example.
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What are antonyms of absent?

present and here. \nan antonym for absent would be present, for example.\n. \n. \ngood question! :-)
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What are absent in iPhone3g?

One thing i know is that you can not send picture messeges on it. That's pretty much it as i have one myself and i know they are fairly good.
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How do you get an absent seizure?

I get these kinds of seizures - here is an example: You and me are having a conversation, then you notice that while I am talking, I start to mummble for a second then continu ( Full Answer )
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What are absent seizures?

Absent seizures are mini seizures that usually occur in kids from 7-14ish. They are sometimes mistaken for ADD and unlike regular seizures, they do not usually cause any long ( Full Answer )
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Plural of absent?

The word 'absent' is an adjective, a preposition, and a verb (absent, absents, absenting, absented). The noun forms are: . absence; plural, absences . . absentee; plural ( Full Answer )
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Is absent Greek or Latin?

"Absent" is from Latin absens , the present participle of the verb abesse , "to be away," from ab- "away from" and esse "to be."
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What is absent focus?

hi it just means something that is not there but you focus on it actors do it mostly!
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What happens if mitochondria are absent?

If there is no mitochondria in the cell of an organism then there will be no energy in the cell due to the mitochondria being the power house of the cell is absent. Basically, ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural of absent?

the plural of absent is absents. As in "there are a few absents in the class".
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What landforms are absent from Australia?

Significant mountain ranges are absent from Australia, along with their attendant glaciers. In general Australia lies too far north for there to have been fjord formation. . ( Full Answer )
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Why urinary bladder is absent in birds?

It is just the way that birds evolved. Birds do not have a separateopening for the urinary tract so both uric acid and feces come outof the same opening. The uric acid is excr ( Full Answer )
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What would happen if rhodopsin was absent?

Rhodopsin is a substance that ceases functioning under heavy light but is regenerated in darkness. The eye cannot see clearly in dim light unless sufficient rhodopsin is produ ( Full Answer )
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How do to write a absent letter?

You say: To Who It May Concern, My Child (Insert Name Here) Was Absent On (Insert Day and Date) because of (Insert Excuse you Want To Use). I Ask that you please give my Da ( Full Answer )
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What happens if ribosomes are absent?

Ribosomes are the sites of protein synthesis, where RNA is translated into protein. When cells need large numbers of proteins, they must first build numerous ribosomes. Becau ( Full Answer )
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How can you get rid of absent mindedness?

Concentrate on the smallest of the things you are doing at the moment. Tell yourself yourself what you are doing/visualising might also help . Observe it as it is being done t ( Full Answer )
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What is same word for Absent?

not here, missing, away, elsewhere, gone, no-show, vanished, removed, unpresent. thesaurus hope this helps:)
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What does it mean if someone is absent-minded?

describes someone who often forgets things or does not pay attention to what is happening near them because they are thinking about other things
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How do you make up with an absent dad?

If your parents were divorced; your father's job takes him out of town a lot or he simply disappeared for years only to reappear then you can sit down and talk to him and get ( Full Answer )
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What will happen if heparin is absent in blood?

if heparin is absent in blood then no prevention of clotting takes place as it is the substance which is able to stop brokering for example if we cut our skin if will bleed co ( Full Answer )
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Why teacher are absent from school?

Teaching is routinised and can therefore be boring. Absenteeism is one way to kill off that boredom. Again, teachers are lowly paid, hence they have to find time off to bridge ( Full Answer )
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What is an acrostic poem for absent?

you could do abby bought scented eclair for ninty dollars and thirty cents but sorry this isn't really an acroatic peom.
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What is the verb of absent?

We usually use this adjective with the verb to be: He was absentyesterday. Meaning that he sould have been there but was not. Also,we can use absent as a verb. He absented him ( Full Answer )
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Is absent a preposition?

No, it is not used as a preposition. It is usually an adjective (missing, not present), but more rarely as a verb (e.g. to absent oneself ).
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What is the pronoun for absent?

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in asentence. The word 'absent' functions as an adjective , a verb ,or a preposition ; not a noun.