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What are Absolutists?

Absolutists are supporters of the absolute. The Absolute is the concept of an unconditional reality which transcends limited, conditional, everyday existence.
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What does absolutists mean?

Absolutist is used to describe a form of government where a soledictator has primary control. There are no laws or constitution foropposition of power.
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How can you describe European absolutism using Louis xiv Peter the great and Fredrick the great as examples of absolutists and their policies?

Absolutism is a form of government in which a monarch, or a single person, holds complete power. Louis XIV, king of France, was and absolute ruler in many respects. He built u ( Full Answer )
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How did the absolutist rule of Louis XIV cause weakness in the French state?

Louis the XIV is also called "the Sun King." He was known for opulent tastes in everything and spent the state monies recklessly on many very beautiful and expensive projects, ( Full Answer )
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What would be most likely to come from a moral absolutist?

"Absolutism" is the idea that something is right or wrong withoutreference to any standard, even if it promotes something that wouldbe considered good or bad. For instance an ( Full Answer )
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What would most likely be said by a moral absolutist?

A: A moral absolutist like St Augustine would say that one shouldnever commit a sin, even to prevent a much greater wrong. Lying isa sin, so it is not permissible to lie in o ( Full Answer )
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What is a moral absolutist?

Essentially, they are someone who believes that certain things are either right or wrong and that the things they judge as wrong are wrong under all circumstances. They oppose ( Full Answer )