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What is absorbency?

Absorbency just means how much liquid some substance/material or whatever, can hold. By measuring an absorbency, let's say soil-you are actually looking for the porosity of th ( Full Answer )
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Where is alcohol absorbed?

When you take a drink, about 20 percent of the alcohol is absorbed in your stomach; the remaining 80 percent is absorbed in your small intestine.
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What is the unit of absorbance?

Absorbance does not have a unit. It is the ratio of the amount oflight passes through a solution.
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What is the absorbing system?

The absorbing system is a type of concept that is used inthermodynamics. It involves the creation of absorption via the hightemperature heat energy from a heat reservoir trans ( Full Answer )
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What absorbs energy?

An atom absorbs energy in the form of heat. An endothermic reactionabsorbs energy. An exothermic reaction releases energy.
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Is glass absorbent?

Glass can absorb heat and sound. Glass can be formed or molded intoany shape. Silica is a common constituent of glass. In nature, whenlightening strikes sand, it forms hollow, ( Full Answer )
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Is plastic absorbent?

Plastic is not an absorbent material. To the contrary, plastic iswaterproof and can be used to make a wide variety of liquidcontainers.
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What is an absorbing cells?

Sort of like a passing cell. small intestine food --> blood lung oxygen --> blood hope it helped(no, i don't understand it, copied from my friends notes)
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What rhymes with absorbency?

Nothing perfectly rhymes with absorbency but there are near rhymes.This includes three syllable words such as urgency, artfully, andburgungy. There are also four syllable word ( Full Answer )
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What is water absorbency?

The amount of water absorbed by a composite material when immersed in water for a stipulated period of time
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What do shock absorbers do?

mabye they "absorb shock!" 2nd Answer: In actual fact, shock absorbers do not absorb shock: the springs do that. The "shock absorbers" dampen rebound (Bouncing). In a bike, ( Full Answer )
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What absorbs photons?

Matter absorbs photons. Electrons in quantized harmonized orbits of the same energy level as the photon absorp it.
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What does the stomach absorb?

The stomach will absorb water, minerals, and vitamins. The stomachtypically gets these nutrients from food and water that theorganism consumes.
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How absorbent is sparkle?

its better than viva option bounty decorative towels and walmart brand towels sparkle beats them all
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What does chlorophyll absorbs?

Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight from the sun. Chlorophyll is found only in a plant cell because a plant is the only thing that is able to go through photosynthesis.
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What does the rectum absorb?

Anything that you can get in there. Just not sand.... that was a bad day...
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What does ozone absorb?

UV-B and more energetic radiation. In doing so, it breaks down into its components, something like:. O 3 + energetic light -> O + O 2 . Ozone and ultraviolet (UV-C or UV-B) ( Full Answer )
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What absorbs microwaves?

LEAD ABSORBS MICROWAVES Sorry, but lead really doesn't effectively absorb microwaves - it is primarily reflective with only a trivial amount of "absorption". The term "absorpt ( Full Answer )
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What is absorber?

Chemical absorbers and catalysts are produced on the basis of activated carbons with surface coating by modifying inorganic additives. a) Equipment of industrial filters b) ( Full Answer )
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How do shock absorbers absorb shock?

Shock absorbers absorb shock by using hydraulic or pneumaticpressure. As a load is applied they compress and take most of theload.
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When is light absorbed?

Light is energy, and so like all energy it can never be destroyed. So therefore when light is absorbed there must have been an ENERGY CHANGE. When plants absorb light they cha ( Full Answer )
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What is the equation of absorbance?

The Beer-Lambert Law: . A = epsilon*b*c . A is absorbance (unitless) . epsilon is the extinction coefficient at a particular wavelength (L cm -1 mol -1 ) . b is the path ( Full Answer )
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What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is the technical name for a shock. Its what is going to give your ride a not so rough drive. The better the shock the more comfort. IT IS WORTH IT TO GET A GO ( Full Answer )
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Can you absorb thunder?

Thunder is a sound. As with all sound it can be absorbed by the physical surrounding such as the landscape etc
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Is absorb a verb?

Yes, absorb, meaning to take in or soak up, is an action and therefore a verb. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand, ( Full Answer )
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What metals are absorbent?

There is no metal in existence that is absorbent. Their solid, tight structure does not allow for any substance to be absorbed.
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What does the pancreas absorb?

The pancreas absorbs sugars from the food we digest .This is why we get diabetes because the pancreas is working to hard to absorb to much sugar.
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What do chloroplasts absorb?

Chloroplasts capture light energy to conserve free energy in the form of ATP and reduce NADP to NADPH through a complex set of processes called photosynthesis
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Why do diapers have to absorb?

Because when the baby or person goes pee, it would just leak out of the diaper and get everywhere.
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What is the absorbation?

NOUN: absorption 1. (chemistry) a process in which one substance permeates another; a fluid permeates or is dissolved by a liquid or solid 2. (physics) the process in which ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with absorber?

korber lorber sorber dauber when spoken - try "der" ending words e.g. boarder defrauder hoarderorder etc
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What is absorber tube?

Design of Solar energy collectors with the object of capturing in a fluid, the thermal energy component of solar energy, such that the fluid serves as a transport-carrier of t ( Full Answer )
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How vitamins are absorbed?

Some Vitamins like a liquid or sublingual (under the tongue) will absorb faster into the bloodstream. Others will take a little longer and most of them are going to complete m ( Full Answer )
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Is absorb a noun?

No, the word 'absorb' is a verb (absorb, absorbs, absorbing, absorbed). The noun forms for the verb to absorb are absorbability, absorption, and the gerund, absorbing.