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What does the abuser get out of his abuse?

That depends on the form of the abuse. If he is sadistic - he gets gratification. If he is a control freak - control. If he is a narcissist - he avoids intimacy and (MORE)

How do you get out of abuse?

You need to tell a parent, teacher, or counciler. You can call the police or the national sexual assualt hotline, wich is 1.800.656.4673. I know it will probably be hard, but (MORE)

Why do they get abused?

Usually its because the abuser sees them as weak or even just as anobject not as a person. Also because they have some sort of trustwith the person or because they don't know (MORE)
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Why you do abuse?

Becaue sister is on phsy meds and abused me to get me out of her house
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What is the abuse?

abuse is where you get hit by someone bigger then you and yopu are to scared to speak out about it