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What is abutment?

It is a noun. It could be a support or brace. It can also be where two places join.
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Say something abut yourself?

My Name is Nazish Khan, I stay at vikhroli, my basic qualification is I m MCOM passed from mumbai University , I have done my graduation in 2003. and than after with my job i ( Full Answer )
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What is a Herniated disc which abuts the cord?

\nWhile looking down on the involved levels of the spine (this sounds as if it is in the lower back), picture the top (of the spine) is toward your abdomen (NOON) and the back ( Full Answer )
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What did you think abut God?

God is a touchy subject around some, yet as a child i thought much about this topic. Over the years i have come to a decision about this thing called god. Do i belive in such ( Full Answer )
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Iwhan now abut Islam?

What do you want to know?. Here are some sites to get you started.. Brief, but excellent, introduction. . An introduction for no ( Full Answer )
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What is abutting?

Two things that are right next to each other are said to be abutting. This would be typically said about such things as neighboring buildings, or geographical features. The go ( Full Answer )
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Abut in a sentence?

Land that abut a river or lake is considered a highly desirable location on which to build a summer home.
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What is an abutted seam?

A seam with no seam allowance. Right sides are the same side up and you you zig zig stitch the pieces together with or without an underlay.
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What is an abutment on a bridge?

A structure for resisting the pressure of water against a bridge. It supports or receives the thrust of part of the arch of the bridge. It absorbs the tensions. It receives th ( Full Answer )
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What is Abution?

Abutilon is a herbaceous plant or shrub of the mallow family,native to warm climates and typically bearing showy yellow, red, ormauve flowers. Ablution is the act of washing o ( Full Answer )
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How do you use abut in a sentence?

Lands that abut a river or lake are considered highly desirable locations. The new wall was built to abut the older structure and provide some additional support.
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Abut bh real estate?

אתר נדלן ארהב הינו חלון אל אפשרויות ההשקעה ×”×ž×’×•×•× × ( Full Answer )
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What is the beginning abut in Coraline?

its about coraline moving into a new house that is haunted and she finds a well and then she sees a boy that gives her a teddy that looks like her and then she gets stuck in a ( Full Answer )
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How does an abutment support an arch bridge?

the abutments at either end of the bridge anchor the arch so that it will not collapse, the weight of the arch is supported by the abutment on either end
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What are facts abut mouse'sWhat?

Some intresting facts are...... . 1. You can keep mice on a table without a cage because mice are afraid to jump off high vertical drops. 2. Mice can make their own vitamin ( Full Answer )
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Why are people keep talking abut 2012?

The notion that 2012 is significant (because the Mayan calendar's "long count" resets in December of 2012, an event that happens every 5000 years or so) has been around for at ( Full Answer )
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What is the Abutment of the culvert?

Type your answer here.. The outer columns of any bridge or culvert is called Abutment .There is two abutments in one bridge and inner columns of bridge is called piers. Hen ( Full Answer )
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What are facts abut Navajo houses?

Traditional Dine' homes are called Hogan in English and Hooghan (long o not u and the gh is a sound like the ch in Scottish) inNavajo language (Dine' Bizaad). They were usuall ( Full Answer )
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Noun form of the word abut?

The noun form for the verb to abut is abutter, that which abuts. Another noun form is abutment.
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What have you learned abut Taylor Swift?

weird facts about taylor swift: middle name is alison she loves m&m mcflurries she loves starbucks iced caramel lattes! she loves to bake her zodiac is a sagittarius ( Full Answer )
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How to know abut the girl ovulation time?

The doctor can help you with a schedule and she has to pee on a stick every day. That is the only way to be sure since only 12%of all women ovulate the same day each month.
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What are the beliefs of Muslims abut sex?

It can only occur between a male and a female who are married to each other. Any form of pleasuring one another is allowed except anal penetration (man sticks his penis into t ( Full Answer )
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What are facts abut king Solomon?

king solomon was the son of david and yes i mean davids star david he was a very wise man because he saked god for wisdom
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What are facts abut Sicily?

largest island in the mediteranean sea, , it constitutes an autonomous region of italy, Tourism and real estate are economically important for the island, and many more
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How does Jefferson feel abut slavery?

Well, Jefferson had slaves. He was rumored to have relations with his female slaves, so he believed they were equal, somewhat, just better workers.
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What do Muslims think abut judgment?

The Muslims believe in justice to be done to each human being irrespective of his/her caste, creed, religion, colour, or nationality. It is preferable in the eyes of Almighty ( Full Answer )
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What states abut Canada?

Canada is bordered, or abutted, by the U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washingto ( Full Answer )
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Fun facts abut venus?

All the major landforms are named for goddesses. The two biggest are "Ishtar" and "Aphrodite" terras (both identified with Venus).
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What does a pier or an abutment do?

In architecture, an abutment helps to support an arch. While a pieris a seaside stilted structure extending from the beach a littleway out to sea. A pier may have buildings on ( Full Answer )
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What is a abut?

a·but. əˈbət/. verb . verb: abut ; 3rd person present: abuts ; past tense: abutted ; past participle: abutted ; gerund or present participle: abutting . (of ( Full Answer )
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What is special abut birds' bones?

They are hollow (for lightness) and have air sacks connected to thelungs (this makes the lungs more efficient).