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What is the Abyss?

Actually, I've heard that the Abyss is an endless prison. It is for those who had done unforgivable crimes, or for those who have deadly sins. It is filled with everything the (MORE)
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What is Abyss?

the abyss is a deep sea trench that can fit the tallest mountain in the world in it twice.
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What is a tooth abyss?

A tooth abscess is an infection. This might be under your tooth oraround your tooth. Either way, it's an infection that can be verypainful.
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Where is the abyss?

Tartarus, or the deepest level of hell, is located under the Euphrates River beneath Ancient Babylon..
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How deep is the abyss?

The abyss has no "bottom". It's called the "bottomless pit".. The Abyss does have a bottom otherwise the world would turn inside out. Not necessarily - otherwise the same wo (MORE)
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What does abyss mean?

ANI Answer Abyss~noun 1. a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm. 2. anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the abyss of time. 3. (in ancient cosmogon (MORE)
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Abyss in a sentence?

He lowered a bucket down into the abyss to see how deep it was.This sentence works because the word describes a deep or bottomlessarea.
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Sentence with abyss?

i was lost int he abyss of space and time and did not know where i was and did not think that i was ever going to be able to go out of the this place..
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A sentence with Abyss?

Many people are afraid to look down the abyss while walking across a swaying rope bridge.
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What is the abyssal zone?

The abyssal zone is the region of the deep ocean that is just aboveand on the ocean floor.
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Antonym for abyss?

An abyss is a deep chasm. A wall suggests the opposite of that, butisn't natural. Plus, it should be thicker and higher. Most igneousdikes tend to be fairly short, if they ext (MORE)
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What is the plural of abyss?

abyss has no plural as its a colection of selfs it means abyss is and isn't the plural it refers to one is all and vice versa it comes from the close reference to the oceans a (MORE)
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What is an abyssal seamount?

An abyssal seamount is the term used for an underwater mountain.The term "abyssal" indicates that it is located in very deep water.
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What is an abyss of death?

an abyss of death is a deep dark place where people get sent to too die.
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What is is the abyssal plains?

the abyssal plain is the broad, flat part of the deep-ocean basin, and supports much life. depth about 4,000 meters deep.
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How are abysses important?

A person can get lost in an abyss. If you fall in, you can take a one-way trip to oblivion. They are perilous
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Is there an abyss in the ocean?

Another name for the deep bottemless ocean is the abyss. but don't go around saying "I'm gonna swim in the abyss!" The Abyss or the Abyssal Ocean Plains is unable to be inhabi (MORE)
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What is the laurention abyss?

The laurention abyss is a basically a trench off the coast of Newfoundland Canada Hope this helps
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How do you get abyssal minion?

in order to get an abyssal minion you need to play soul wars i think members only. and you can get one as a reward
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Who were the Sisters of the Abyss?

This was one of the names given to the prostitutes of London's East End (Whitechapel, Spitalfields) during the Victorian Age. These 'Sisters of the Abyss' were the 'unfortunat (MORE)
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Was abyss in the WWE?

no abyss was never in the WWE he has been apart of TNA since the company was founded by double j Jeff jerret.
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What do you do in the abyssal ruins?

You try to figure out the Abyssal Ruins and collect things. You can also explore. them. And, if you can get to the center before the torrent sweeps you out and go up the stari (MORE)
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Who wrote the abyss?

The Abyss was written by Orson Scott Card in 1989. The screenplay for the subsequent cinematic adaptation was written by director James Cameron.
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What is in the abyssal ruins?

Inside the Abysal ruins, if you solve it, you will find a relic crown which sells for a lot at the riches's house in Undella town.
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How do you get to the abyssal ruins?

You need the moves HM 03 (surf) and HM 06 (dive).where to get the move surf is Alder unova's champion he'll give it to you after beating cheren at twist mountain.Where to get (MORE)
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What to do in abyssal ruins?

there are rare items there mostly relic gold ,silver and type plates [only for changing types for arceus]. before time runs out.
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What are the species of the abyss?

It´s now thought there are more species in the depths of the ocean than on the surface. It´s where life came from and where it fundamentally belongs, according to some.
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Why is there no antonym for abyss?

The word abyss is a noun, referring to a deep chasm. In geology aplutonic intrusion known as a "dike" could possibly serve as anantonym for abyss, though that would require su (MORE)
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What are 'Seasons in the abyss'?

Seasons in the Abyss' is the fifth studio album released by the thrash metal band known as Slayer. 'Seasons in the Abyss' was released in October of 1990.
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What is an antonym of abyss?

Pinnacle, the highest point which can be attained, as oppsed to theultimate depth of an abyss.
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How big is an abyss?

An abyssal plain is described as an underwater plain on the deepocean floor. They are estimated to cover more than half of theworld's surface. They are usually found at dept (MORE)