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What are acacias?

Answer Acacia is a flowering tree native to Australia, New Zealandand many other countries. Acacia wood was used in the building ofthe temple in the Bible.
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What is an Acacia?

An acacia is a type of tree. They are native to Australia, and canbe found in Europe, Africa, southern Asia, and the Americas.
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What does acacia mean?

Acacia is from the Greek and is derived from xilon meaning wood and ilicon meaning sweet. So one would assume that the Acacia has either sweet wood or the beans when crushed a ( Full Answer )
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What is an acacia tree?

Acacia are species of trees and shrubs. There are more than 960different species of Acacia, most of which are located inAustralia. Some have thorns and some don't. Other names ( Full Answer )
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What is an acacia rat?

The Acacia Rat is a genus of rodent in the family Muridae. It is found in Africa in dry tropical shrubland.
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Where is Acacia?

Acadia is New Brunswick, Cape Breton Island and the Southern Maritimes. Yay Canada! Go Oilers!
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What is the shape of an acacia?

In your family there are probably different members, and although they share some off the same family features they do not look exactly the same. Quite different normally. The ( Full Answer )
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What does acacia do to ant?

This mysterious plant provides protection for ants. The ants shelter in the acacia's thorns and horns which are conveniently hollow. Ant colonies also feed off the plant and s ( Full Answer )
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Who is Acacia Clark?

Acacia Clark is a blond 15 year old model. Her birthday is October 22, 1995. You can follow her on social networks; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
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How old is Acacia?

Acacia Clark? Well, she turned 16 year on October 22. So next year(2014) she'll turn 17. (Honest and true answer.)