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What are diamond accents?

They are very small chips of diamonds used around a largercenterpiece for enhancing. The above response is not always true; Diamond accents can also bequite large depending o (MORE)
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Where is the accent in adventure?

When saying the word 'adventure' the accent is placed on the secondsyllable. Another word that has the same syllabic pattern would be'indenture.'
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How do you have an accent?

Because people grow up somewhere where people speak in that accent, and learn to pronounce words in a different way.
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What is accent?

Employees working in call centres, BPOs and various other officesof American companies need to speak English in the American accent.Likewise, there is also a need for many emp (MORE)
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What is an accented syllable?

It's the stressed syllable in a word, the one you say a bit more forcefully than the others. In the word "tomorrow", you emphasize the syllable "mor" more than the other sylla (MORE)
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What is accent neutralization?

The main cause of this trend towards accent neutralization / reduction is the demand created by outsourcing. The problem that arises is that many customers have difficulties u (MORE)
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How do you do an accent on the computer?

Use the character map - found by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. The character map is a complete list of all characters the computer is capable (MORE)
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What does accent mean?

The verb to accent means to accentuate or specifically enhance, or to stress a word syllable. The noun accent is similarly a stress or prominence (as in pronunciation or i (MORE)
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How do you get an accent?

You can't really GET an accent, but depending on where you live might affect how you speak. EXAMPLE: If you live in Oklahoma, you might have a "Cowboy" or "Cowgirl" accen (MORE)
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How can you get rid of your accent?

Well, technically, you can't get rid of an accent. You can just replace it with another one. And a good way to do that is either practice a lot, or see a speech therapist.
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How do you fake an accent?

I recommend spending time with people of that particular nation or watching movies that have people with exaggerated languages ie Harry Potter, Snatch.
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What is accent lighting?

Liteharbor Lighting An acce"Accent lighting is the least commonlayer in the kitchen, but it is becoming more common as peoplespend more time in the kitchen for casual entertai (MORE)
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What rhymes with accent?

bent, Brent, cent, dent, ent, Kent, lent, meant, rent, scent, sent, spent, tent, vent, went, cement, consent, content, descent, event, extent, intent, invent, lament, percent, (MORE)
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What accents do rednecks have?

Most of the time they have deep southern accents, but every ones different, I have met a few who have no accent at all, but, most of the time it's southern
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What are the accents in texsas?

It depends on where you go. If you go to an urban area, like Dallas, or Houstan, most people will speak like anyone else in the US. If you go to a rural area, you'll hear a lo (MORE)
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Do Quakers have an accent?

Of course! Everybody has an accent. Many members of my Quaker meeting in Swarthmoor, Cumbria, England, UK, have the accent of the Furness district. I have found that Qua (MORE)
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How do you improve your accent?

By listening very closely to others who speak, and trying to actually pronounce the words like they do. However, it's very unlikely that you will be able to completely copy (MORE)
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Is there a gibberish accent?

No, there is no accent for the language of gibberish. you are not born with the language, you have to learn it. there no land of gibber either.
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Do Americans have an accent?

To other, foreign people. Yes. in fact even within the USA there are differences from the west coast, the mid west, the south, and the east coast.
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What is Accent in drama?

accent in drama; national and regional speech differences are evident in the pronunciation and selection of words and in the inflection of sentences. train your ears to cat (MORE)
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Is Surrey an accent?

Surrey is a county of England, UK. Most people living in Surrey do not have Irish, Welsh or Scottish accents, nor do they have northern or 'west country' accents. Many w (MORE)
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Why do Languages have accents?

I believe it is so those who speak it can pronounce it easier, although native English does not have accents. :)
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What is tertiary accent?

I assume it has to do with syllable stress. Primary stress on a word receives the loudest, most energy. For example, the syllable exAMple is primary in American English. Secon (MORE)
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What accent does a lumberjack have?

It would depend upon where the lumberjack is located. If he's from Quebec he'd have a French-Canadian accent. If he's from Minnesota he'd sound like a Minnesotan (maybe a bit (MORE)
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What is a kine accent?

You will need to explain the context in which you found this word. Kine is an archaic word, in Old English it was the plural of Cow. May also be spelt Cyna as plural of the si (MORE)
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Where is the accent in frecuencia?

The accent in frequencia is on the i. If there is ever anything that ends in "-ia", the i has an accent mark.
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How did the British get their accents?

There are hundreds of British accents and they originated where people lived and worked. Before WW2 in Britain,people did not move around a lot and many local dialects and acc (MORE)
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Is thousand accented?

The accented syllable in "thousand" is the first one: /ˈθæʊ.zənd/ (in the International Phonetic Alphabet), roughly "THOW-zund".
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Who is Accent Movers?

Accent Movers is a moving company, family-owned and operated, that has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and the entire state of Texas, since 1989. Our guaranteed (MORE)
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Why are accents embarrassing?

A strong accent can be embarrassing because people will have a hard time understanding you.
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What is an accent and dialect?

It when someone speaks and adds pronunciation to different parts of words and the way they say a word could be completely different from someone who speaks the same language b (MORE)
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What is the accent in conflict?

If you are asking about the stressed syllable of the word "conflict," it depends on whether you are using it as a noun or verb. The noun is CON-flict (as in, "There was confl (MORE)
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What accent does Shakira have?

Shakira is Columbian. She was born in the Barranquilla area of the country Columbia. So that's her accent.
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What is Bane's accent?

Bane is the name a fictional character in The Dark Knight Rises.His accent is based on the language of Romani gypsy.