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What are diamond accents?

They are very small chips of diamonds used around a largercenterpiece for enhancing. The above response is not always true; Diamond accents can also bequite large depending o (MORE)
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Why do people have accents?

some people say that it is because they are from a different country or place, They only know to speak their own language. So it is hard for them to speak the right way.

What are American accents?

Accents are caused by the influence of a mother language on an acquired language. So whether I'm learning Spanish, French, Italian..., I'd have an American accent when trying (MORE)

What is an accented syllable?

It's the stressed syllable in a word, the one you say a bit more forcefully than the others. In the word "tomorrow", you emphasize the syllable "mor" more than the other sylla (MORE)

Do dogs have accents?

No, dogs do not have accents, they merely have different voices, however, it is not feasible to confirm this 100%.
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What are music accents?

In music, an accent is when a note is emphasized, generally by playing the note more forcefully, and shortening the written value of the note. In standard music notation it is (MORE)

How do you get accents on the keyboard?

In MS Word you use the Ctrl and Shift keys in combination with the accent and the letter. So, for an acute accent over e, it's Ctrl + ' + e. For a grave accent over the letter (MORE)
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Do Canadians have accents?

some do, some don't. it depends on where in Canada that they are from/live. Some Canadians speak French so I'd say those people would have accents to :].

How did the Australians get their accents?

Some may believe the Australian accent can be traced to Cockney origins, but this has been disputed by linguists and historians. True linguists have disputed the presence of a (MORE)

What accents do vampires have?

im not sure if vampires were real, but if they were they would probably come from all cultures like spanish,korean,japanese,etc. they would most likely be like regular humans (MORE)

Are accents hereditary?

No they aren't. It all depends on where you live and how the people speak, such as people in your family. If your family, for instance, speaks Chinese, then that would mean th (MORE)

What are the accents in texsas?

It depends on where you go. If you go to an urban area, like Dallas, or Houstan, most people will speak like anyone else in the US. If you go to a rural area, you'll hear a lo (MORE)

Why are there such things as accents?

People learn how to speak from other people that they talk to, such as first and foremost their parents, but also the friends and neighbors, school teachers, etc. But people f (MORE)

How do accents arise?

Accents arise through different pronunciation of vowels and consonants, stress, and rhythm, stress and intonation. Often this happens because of geographical barriers so an (MORE)

How did the British get their accents?

There are hundreds of British accents and they originated where people lived and worked. Before WW2 in Britain,people did not move around a lot and many local dialects and acc (MORE)