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What is an acceptance?

Answer . something you send confirming you will be attending an event you have received an invitation to
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What is clutch slip?

It is when the clutch will not hold. Like you can be driving up a hill and you can rev the engine with no increase in road speed. With the park brake set hard, the car should ( Full Answer )
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What DOES a till slip DO?

A till slip is a receipt of a cash purchase made. It also has important information such as the date, time, description of item, name of the store and the amount of the purcha ( Full Answer )
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What are slip joints?

Depends on the application as a SJ is commonly used in plumbing drainage with a SAJ nut on drainage tubing or supply tubing to a toilet tank
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What is a slip in geology?

A type of fault caused by two plates slidding along each other, like the San Andreas fault.
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What is an adjective for slips?

An adjective for slips could be "slippery." Other words could be:slick, slimy, flowing, sliding, gliding, or even slipping.
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What is a charge slip?

Charge slip refers to the voucher printed after swiping and charging a debit or credit card.
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What do you do for a slipped disk?

Rest, medications and physical therapy are the first treatments fora slipped disk. Surgery may be necessary if other treatments failto help.
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What is payment slip?

\nA payment slip is a document sent by a creditor to a debtor with all the necessary information filled in in order a payment to take place. The debtor confirms the payment by ( Full Answer )
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What is a remittance slip?

It is a financial document that is usually sent to a customer of a supplier. It is usually a tear-off part on a statement of accounts. It helps the both the customer and the s ( Full Answer )
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Who is Happy Slip?

Her name is a Christine Gambito, she is a filipina you-tube celebrety.. hope that helps
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What is a slip blind?

A slip blind goes between two pipe flanges to stop the flow of the process in at line. it is a flat round still plate with handle on it. By Tim Edlin
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What is a basal slip?

In general, ice sliding across rock. Usually applies to glacial movement and its impact on the underlying ground.
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What are basal slips?

Basal slip occurs when the weight of a glacier exerts enough pressure to melt the ice where it touches the ground, forming a lubricant
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What are slips as in clothes?

Slips are a sort of skirt that you wear under a dress or skirt because it is see through.. A thin sleeveless garment worn under a dress or skirt and top.
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When will a clutch slip?

When it's worn out. When it's badly adjusted. When you keep your foot lightly on the clutch pedal.
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What is disk slip?

it's when one of the discs between your vertebra in your back is no longer able to stay in place and begins to slide out, usually putting pressure on the nerves along the spin ( Full Answer )
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Why do you slip when its slippery?

because the lubricant on the surface which makes it slippery reduces the friction b/w the surface and ur feet!! !!
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What is slip in knitting?

Inserting the right needle into the stitch on the left one, and transferring the stitch from the left needle to the right one.
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What is slip margin?

where plates slide past each other and crust is neither made nor destroyed by swethan
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What is generator slip?

Most electrical machines are induction machines, e.g. the motor of vacuum cleaners and refrigerators. The spinning metallic rotor is not connected to the outside mains electri ( Full Answer )
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How does foreskin slips?

The mucosal surface of the foreskin or prepuce rolls back and forth across the mucosal surface of the glans penis, ths provides nontraumatic sexual stimulation. During heteros ( Full Answer )
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What does slip slip knit mean?

Slip slip knit means that you slip two stitches from your left hand needle to you're right hand needle like you're about to knit them. After the two stitches have been tran ( Full Answer )
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What is a slip-not comb for?

A slip-not comb is just a normal comb or brush for an animal, usually a dog or a horse. The slip-not comb is just to release knots in the fur or mane.
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What is a Delivery Slip?

A delivery slip, is often referred to as an "advice note" which is what it is. It is an advice of delivery. It is usually fixed to the outside of a boxed shipment with the cus ( Full Answer )
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What is basil slip?

From wikipedia: "Basal sliding (or basal slip) is the act of a glacier sliding over the bed before it due to meltwater under the ice acting as a lubricant" From my lectur ( Full Answer )
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How can you get to do the slips?

to do a slip you have to be flexible.knee down put the right leg in front and put the left leg in the back and go low lower then you can.......that`s it you made it
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Where do you get a green slip?

You will need a green slip in Australia if you rent a vehicle or purchase one. A green slip provides twenty four hours and covers all the people who drive the vehicle while it ( Full Answer )
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Is slips a noun?

Yes, the word 'slips' is the plural form for the noun 'slip'; a word for an instance of slipping; an accident involving a fall; saying something unintentionally without thinki ( Full Answer )
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What is accepting?

accepting means when you are in a conversation and for example someone said "mum can i please go out with my friends"and you say "yes you can, why not"
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What is the slip disc?

Your spine is made up of a stack of discs, with a spacer between each, The whole arrangement is designed to allow for a lifetime of flexibility and growth. The muscles and ten ( Full Answer )
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What are pay in slip?

A pay-in slip is a slip used by bank customers to record deposit transactions. For ex: If I want to deposit some money into my bank account, I will visit the bank, fill-up the ( Full Answer )