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Where is accra?

Accra is in South Africa. The word Accra is believed to be derivedfrom the Akan word nkran, it mesns "anta". Accra is the capital andlargest city of Ghana. It is also the capi ( Full Answer )
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What is the Population of Accra?

According to the Ghana Statistical Service, the population of Accra was 1,658,937 as of the census taken in March of 2000.
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How do you pronounce accra?

On my first visit to Accra I pronounced the word with a strong emphasis on the first syllable, but I was quickly and politely corrected. The emphasis is on the second syllable ( Full Answer )
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Where is candros construction in accra?

Hi dears! I have received an offer from Candros Construction Co. Ghana. It is a very feasabel offer but I am not sure about its reallity. It seems fake. I think we should pr ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find sugar mummy in Accra?

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