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How large was the achaemenid empire?

2.6 million square miles, from today's Libya through Egypt, AsiaMinor, the Middle East, to central Asia.
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The Achaemenid Empire was conquered?

Yes, by Alexander the Great at around 330 BCE. Persepolis, one of the four capitals, was burned down and stripped of its treasures on a side note.
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Did postal service help the Achaemenids maintain their empire?

It was a posting service, not a postal service. The postingstations provided relays of fresh horses for couriers to use topass important messages across the Empire. This land ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Achaemenid Empire important?

For two hundred years it provided an improvement in the stabilityand prosperity within an empire stretching from today's Libya toCentral Asia.
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Achaemenids ruled Persia?

Yes. The first Achaemenid ruler was Cyrus II (The Great), who founded the Persian Empire by uniting the two original Iranian tribes, the Medes and the Persians in the 6th cent ( Full Answer )
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How did the Persians govern the Achaemenid Empire?

They retained existing local government, under supervision ofPersian provincial governors and overall the supervision of theking and his council.
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What happened to the Achaemenid Empire after 330 B.C?

It became the empire of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great.This ended quickly on his death, and was split up by his generalsinto kingdoms of his own which we today call t ( Full Answer )
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What is the Achaemenid dynasty?

It was the ruling dynasty of kings of Persia which eventuallyorganised the establishment and consolidation of the Persian Empirefrom about 550 to 331 BCE. The founder was Cyru ( Full Answer )
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What is an Achaemenid?

An Achaemenid is a member of the dynasty which ruled the Persianempire between c. 550 - 330 BCE.