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Why do your arms ache?

Answer . Arms may ache for a variety of reasons, such as, diabetes, neuropathy,vitamin deficiencies, trauma- physical/thermal/chemical, inflammation, bad posture, accumula (MORE)
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Why does your scalp ache?

Your scalp can ache if you have had your hair pulled back tightly.It can also ache if you have a migraine headache.
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Why do your legs ache?

There can be any number of reasons for this ranging from tiredness to circulatory problems to arthritis. to answer this question properly more information is required with the (MORE)
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Can your gallbladder ache?

It can hurt pretty bad and make you feel nauseated if you are having problems with it. It will feel similar to a side cramp (when you run), but it is up a little higher - righ (MORE)
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Ache in the arm?

An ache in the arm that does not go away should be evaluated by adoctor. There are many reasons an arm could ache so it is importantto be able to tell the doctor what you have (MORE)
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What do you do when you have stomach ache?

You can sit in a warm bath or set a warm water bottle on it. Take a teaspoon of honey in your mouth, roll it with your tongue followed with a glass on warm water will heip to (MORE)
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What rhymes with aching?

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Why do your kidneys ache?

A persons kidneys may ache because of kidney stones. Other causescould be cysts or even kidney disease. A doctor will be able todetermine the cause of the pain.
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What is nose ache?

A nose ache is a person who is being nosey i.e If you're in a different room from said person then they suddenly enter or poke their nose round the door, just to look at what (MORE)
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What rhymes with ache?

Snake, bake, cake, fake, lake, make, rake, sake, stake, take, wake, break, shake, steak, drake, sake.....
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Why do you get head achs?

there are a tone of reasons why.... 1. stress 2. hitting your head 3. sickness 4. anger there are alot of other reaosns!!!!
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What is an ach?

An ach is a name given to several species of plant, such as wildcelery or parsley.
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What is an ach transfer?

ACH stands for automatic clearing house but it is an electronic funds transfer from one bank to another
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Why do you ache?

people normally ache because of pain or something that has hit , sratched or touched them and it hertz them because of their body format. . It depends on the body part were (MORE)
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What is ACH Debit?

ACH debit is a type of payment that allows companies to electronically withdraw funds from your bank account, using your bank routing number and your account number.
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What to do when your legs ache?

Start of by taking some pain killers as suggested by your pharmacist. however if the condition persist get your doctor to check you out as it is unwise to leave arthritis untr (MORE)
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Why do you have a butt ache?

sitting too long, menstrual cramps, bruises, or running a lot can cause your butt to become sore.
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Why do your shoulders ache?

It can be a lot of things. Usually it is muscle soreness from use but there other causes so if it does not get better you should see your doctor.
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What will you do if stomach is aching?

Well what i have done is if you are having frequent stomach aches you go to the doctor he might prescribe you some pills mine did it helps ALOT!!!! or if there not frequent th (MORE)
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What can you do for aching arthritis?

There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis that can effect you ad cause pain. Usually the firs port of call that people use in the pain caused by arthritis is to (MORE)
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Can you get a brain ache?

No the brain itself has no pain receptors. The pain in head aches comes from the nerves, blood vessels and muscles out side of the brain.
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What to do for a tooth ach?

Get ora gel, it works great, but I would get in to see your dentist, you could have a hair line crack, or a cavity
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What is an ACH remittance?

This can have two meanings: ACH by de facto is a US concern, ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is in some manner a very antiquated system for clearing of cheque (MORE)
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What to do for aching bones?

I dont knwo what you can do for it im just wondering because my dog is a pormerian mix and his leg bones hurt, and he has had a lot dirahea. I have a feeling that he has a die (MORE)
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What can you do if you have stomach ache?

Drink a light soda ex:( Sprite or 7 Up) and don't over-do things or you could get sick and throw up. Relax and take it easy for a while. Tums might help as well.
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What to do when you have a back ache?

If you don't have some medical condition and have just strained your muscles doing something like lifting boxes, and IF you can take Ibuprofen, take 800 mil. of OTC Ibuprofen, (MORE)
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What is ACh receptors?

ACH receptors can be defined as an integral membrane protein that responds to the binding of acetylcholine, a neuoyansmitter. Two example are nicotinic acetyl line receptors a (MORE)
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What can you do for leg aches?

I would suggest massaging it, or taking a hot bath. Try stretching the muscle instead of keeping it in one place, because you do not want it to cramp. Also, stay hydrated - or (MORE)
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What is an ach-laut?

An ach-laut is the grammatical name for the voiceless velarfricative, most often used in reference to the German language, inwords such as Bach, but also in other languages.
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How can I get a tummy ache?

Tummy ache is most commonly caused due to problems in the digestivesystem or from heartburn. You could also have dozens of otherthings causing your tummy ache, like menstruati (MORE)