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What is acidification?

Acidification is the process of being converted into an acid of orbecoming acid. The process by which water bodies, such as riversand lakes, and other natural features become (MORE)

What is ozone layer depression and acidification?

Ozone is formed in part by nitrogen gas briefly holding on to a singlet oxygen, which later drops onto an oxygen molecule (usually involving low energy visible light).. NOx c (MORE)

What causes ocean acidification?

Ocean acidification is caused from the ocean being forced to absorb vast amounts of fossil fuels and carbon. The carbon that is absorbed in turn causes the waters pH to go dow (MORE)

Why is ocean acidification happening?

Ocean acidification is happening because of the increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. About half of the CO 2 added t (MORE)

What causes acidification of lakes?

Natural acidification of freshwater environments has been taking place since the last ice age. However, the recent rapid acidification of many of lakes throughout the world ca (MORE)