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What is a Browning Acier Special 12 gauge c12 px Belgium and its value?

Answer . See the last answer. Answer . What model is this gun? PX denotes a gun sold through a Post Exchange at a US military base. Guns sold on Navy or Nato bases were (MORE)
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What is the age of a Browning Acier Special serial 20211?

Answer . You need to give more information. I assume it is a shotgun, but "Acier Special" just means it was made with "special steel" and we would need at least a model n (MORE)
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Where did a browning 16gauge acier come from?

Answer . The term "acier special" is found on many Auto-5 shotguns. It is French for "special steel". The stamp "acier special" found on barrels are for Fabrique Nationale (MORE)
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When was the acier special made?

This was a light made gun but very desirable to any collector. Thisweapon was manufactured in 1969 by Browning.
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In what years were acier cockerill shotguns manufactured?

Acier Cockerill is not the gun manufacturer, but the maker of the steel in the barrels. It means the gun has fluid steel barrels and not damascus steel. It probably dates from (MORE)
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Value of a browning Acier Special serial no 48890?

Acier special means Special steel, and barrels marked this way are only on FN sales guns, not Browning. FN produced the guns for sale outside the US and were not imported to (MORE)
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16 gauge Acier Cockerill double barrel shotgun?

THis is not the name of the shotgun, but kind of barrel, made in Belgium. Acier means Steel, and Cockerill stands for "Cockerill-Sambre" the name of the steel maker.
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Is a fond acier watch valuable?

A fond acier is a vintage watch that has a stainless steel back.The price of a fond acier watch varies by condition and valuesrange from $100.00 - $1100.00.
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What is a fond acier inOXYDABLE watch?

A "fond acier inoxydable" watch is a watch stamped with thoseFrench words meaning "stainless steel back." This stamp can befound on many vintage watches.
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What is acieration?

Acieration is the conversion of iron into steel.