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What are some examples of acolytes?

It depends on what you mean by "acolyte". The term can refer to any number of things. The main meaning refers to a person who performs ceremonial duties within many of the (MORE)
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How do you serve in a mass properly as an acolyte?

being an acolyte is an important job. different churches will serve slightly differently. If there isn't an MC at the mass it is the acolytes job to sort out the other servers (MORE)
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What is the difference between acolytes and altar servers in the Catholic Church?

to be an acolyte during a Mass the MC (Master of Ceremonies) will choose you to carry a processional candle and may give other duties. The role of acolyte changes from each (MORE)
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How does the acolyte assist the priest during Mass?

An acolyte was originally a special position in the Church that was given through minor ordination from a bishop to a candidate aspiring to the priesthood. The acolytes specif (MORE)
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What is the purpose of an acolyte?

An acolyte is an individual who support priests in liturgic matters at all kind of catholic church sacred celebrations.
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Where do we get acolyte class?

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Can you use acolytes in a sentence?

You just used the word acolytes in a sentence. Even saying, "can the word acolytes be used in a sentence", you are using that word in a sentence.
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What is the definition of the word acolyte?

The definition of the word acolyte is attendant. It is derived from the Greek word akolouthos. An acolyte attends the altar and helps in religious services.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Acolytes - 2008?

The cast of Acolytes - 2008 includes: Kransky as Dog in Street Danny Baldwin as Detective 2 Holly Baldwin as Tanya Lee Harley Bennick as Young James Michael Dorman as Gary Par (MORE)
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How do I get a dualsaber as a sith acolyte in swtor?

to get a dual lightsaber/ double lightsaber on star wars you needto be a sith inquisitor or jedi consular and get one of theseadvanced classes Sith inquisitor= Sith assassin J (MORE)