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Acosta were does it come from?

Spanish, Spanish-related ( such as Cuba, Mexican, Honduras) or possibly Italian. Miss Aida Acosta was the first woman to pilot- a Blimp- in June of l903 in Paris area- with no (MORE)
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Who is William Acosta?

There are many people in the world named William Acosta. Any useful answer to a question like this requires more information so the correct William Acosta can be referenced. (MORE)
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For what is Hector Acosta best known?

Hector Acosta is best known as the lead singer in the band Los Toros. Acosta is often called El Torito (Little Bull). His first singing experience was in a church choir.

What has the author R Acosta written?

R. Acosta has written: 'System overview on electromagnetic compensation for reflector antenna surface distortion' -- subject(s): Antennas, Reflector, Phased array antennas, (MORE)