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Acres in a mile?

"Acre" is a unit of area, whereas "mile" is a unit of distance, so they're completely different animals, and neither one can be converted into the other one. "Square mile (MORE)
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Acres in Illinois?

Illinois comprises 35,573,491.2 acres of land area.
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What does ACR stand for?

In computer terms, ACR is a type of riser card or slot. ACR stands for Advanced Communications Riser. Motherboards from ASUSTEK sometimes come with a proprietary riser slot ca (MORE)
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Acres in California?

California comprises Answer: 99,813,977.6 acres of land area.
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What is 640 acres?

There are 640 acres in 1 square mile.
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What is an acres?

an acres is a square measurement, so 1 acre is 43560 square feet or 4047 (approx.) meters.
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How do you get acres in Pokemon?

You must mean "ARCEUS" . My cousin has ARCEUS and he got ARCEUS by using the cheatcode of getting the Azure Flute.(Action Replay). I know anotherway to get it though.There is (MORE)
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What is ACR pipe?

ACR is Air conditioning & Refrigeration trade. The pipe widely used in ACR industry is of Copper. ACR pipe is a Copper pipe meant for connecting AC units.
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How do you get Acr title?

There are a couple of ACR titles. The only one you can get for it without prestiging is the 'mastery' title, it's bronze and has a cross on it. All other ACR titles require a (MORE)
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How many acres is 18 acres?

very nearly 18 Care to try for exactly 18? There are two versions of the acre, both of which are equal to themselves (obviously) and both of which measure 1/8 mi. (660 ft (MORE)
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Where can you bye a ACR?

I believe what you're actually looking for is an education in grammar and spelling.
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What is the acr in MW2?

The assault riffle with the best accuracy and a great fire rate. But it is in the low damage group of assault riffle.
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What is 0.4 acres?

Forty percent (0.4) of an acre is 17,424 square feet.
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How do you find the acres?

i found this in a paragraph by Robert Fogt it said You need to know one of the dimensions. Unless the land is a perfect square, you need to know at least one dimension in a (MORE)
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How do you pronouns acres?

It rhymes with fakers and takers. And if you are a basketball fan, it also rhymes with Lakers.
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What does ACRES stand for?

Probably one of the following: . ACRES. Australian Centre for Remote Sensing. ACRES. Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species. ACRES. American Civil Rights (MORE)
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What is 144ft in acres?

A square plot of land with 144ft per side has an area of about 1/2(0.48) acre,
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What is acres?

The acre is a unit of land area used in the imperial and UScustomary systems. It is defined as the area of 1 chain by 1furlong (66 by 660 feet), which is exactly equal to †(MORE)
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What is 36 Acres?

36 acres is an area equal to 1,568,200 square feet.
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What is .3 acres?

0.3 acres is an area equal to 13,068 square feet.