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What is the with of an acre?

An acre is merely a measurement of area - in this case 4000m2 (metres squared). So it doesn't have a defined width. It could be really long and narrow, or quite square, as lon (MORE)
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What is the length of an acre?

Any length, so long as the area covered equals 43,560 square feet. It can be any shape as well.
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What by what is an acre?

66 x 660 feet 22 x 220 yards 4 x 40 rods/poles/perches 1/8 mile by 1/80 mile (640 acres in a square mile) 1 furlong by 1 chain 792 x 7,920 inches (about 209'8.5" in a square (MORE)
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What is an acres?

an acres is a square measurement, so 1 acre is 43560 square feet or 4047 (approx.) meters.
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How many acres in a hecta acre?

Hecto...hecta (spelled both ways) is a prefix in the metric system that means X 100. Following that definition it should be 100 acres.
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How do you get Acr title?

There are a couple of ACR titles. The only one you can get for it without prestiging is the 'mastery' title, it's bronze and has a cross on it. All other ACR titles require a (MORE)
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How many acres is 18 acres?

very nearly 18 Care to try for exactly 18? There are two versions of the acre, both of which are equal to themselves (obviously) and both of which measure 1/8 mi. (660 ft (MORE)
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Is 0.247 acres 1 acre or half acre?

It is neither. An acre is 1 (or 1.0) acres, half an acre is 0.5 acres. 0.247 is close to 1/4 (which is exactly 0.25).
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What is acres?

The acre is a unit of land area used in the imperial and UScustomary systems. It is defined as the area of 1 chain by 1furlong (66 by 660 feet), which is exactly equal to †(MORE)