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How many miles across is Ireland?

Ireland is 236 miles long from the northern most point, to thesouthern most point. It is 175 miles across at its widest point.
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Who ran across Canada?

\nMark Kent of Ontario was the first person to run across Canada in 1974. He ran a total of 4017 miles from Victoria B.C. to St. John's Newfoundland in a 112 days of running. ( Full Answer )
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What is the distance across the Pacific Ocean?

of course the distance varies extremely because land masses do not have perfectly square perimeters, giving a certain naivity to this question. Just do a pacific ocean search ( Full Answer )
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Why do stars move across the sky?

They seem to move as the earth turns. Their apparent motion isillusory. They DO actually move, however, but they are so far awaythat their motion can only be determined over l ( Full Answer )
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What is across?

The term 'across' has two distinct senses or meanings: 1: to the opposite side; 2: transversely
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What is the prefix of across?

We see "trans" used to mean across in lots of applications. A transAtlantic flight is routed across the Atlantic ocean.
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What is the opposite of across?

The alternative to across, for crossword puzzles and locations on a street, could be down . The opposite of across (on the other side) could also be this side or same sid ( Full Answer )
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How do you get everything across?

Cross chicken. . Cross the food. . Bring back chicken. . Cross fox. . Cross chicken.
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Is across a noun?

Across can be an adverb or preposition. The noun for going across is crossing. There is no noun form for the state of being across from something.
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How did they get across moats?

Typically using a drawbridge: a bridge that was anchored on the castle side but not on the outside of the moat. The outer edge of the bridge would be lifted up to the top of t ( Full Answer )
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Is acrossed a word?

No, the word 'acrossed' is not a word. You may go across something ex: Seth went across the river.
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Is vertical across?

No, vertical is up and down and horizontal is across. Think about how a HORIZON goes ACROSS the HORIZONtal is across.
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What flowed across Mars' surfaces?

i is believed that water once flowed across mars surface and now the water is stored in the form of ice!
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What is a IR drop across a resistance?

IR drop across a resistance is voltage. The letter I means current, and the letter R means resistance. Current times resistance, by Ohm's law is voltage.
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How long across is the Nile river?

The length of the Nile River is 7,088km or 4,405 miles. It is the longest river of the world. Source: S. Liu, P. Lu, D. Liu, P. Jin, W. Wang, Pinpointing the sources and m ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the chicken the food and the fox across?

Not a very clear question... But I know this riddle, so: 1) Take the chicken across the river. 2) Come back. 3) Take the fox across the river. 4) Take the chicken back. 5) W ( Full Answer )
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How much is the distance across the earth?

The earth is a sphere (shape of a ball). The straight distance through the center, from the equator on one side to the equator halfway around, is 7,926 miles (12,756 ( Full Answer )
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Who died in across five Aprils?

There are 2 brothers o Jethro that die in the book. One is Tom, and the other is Bill.
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How do you measure voltage across a resistor?

frist off all calculate current through that resistance then use ohms law and remember one thing resistance connected parallel acros Voltage source. A voltmeter is used to ( Full Answer )
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Who came across Huntington's disease?

The first thorough description is attributed to Dr, George Huntington in 1872, although there had been earlier discussions of the disease. Please see link at bottom of the pag ( Full Answer )
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What lies across southwest Arizona?

The Sonoran Desert, one of the hottest and driest deserts in North America and shared with California and Mexico.
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What is the current drop across the resistor?

The correct question is what is the voltage drop across a resistor or the current flowing through the resistor using Ohm's Law where Voltage = Current x Resistance
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How do you get across the sea in Pokemon Silver?

Im not sure I understand but the three water moves you'll need are HM03 Surf, HM06 Whirlpool, and HM07 Waterfall. You get Surf in Ecruteak where the Kimono girls are, Lance gi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the animals across on nabootie?

first take the chicken over, then grab the seed bag and take it over but dont go to the other side yet grab the chicken and take him with you to the other side leave the chick ( Full Answer )
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How does climate vary across the US?

well theres a reason and that reaosn is Its teh reason and if u find a book about the reason u can do it on ur own kid so dotn ask me anymore questions understand Ok so u bett ( Full Answer )
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How does the army travel across sand?

Pretty much the same way they travel across any terrain. Vehicles and foot are the two most common. In some areas horses and camels are used, the US Army even tried camels in ( Full Answer )
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Does a voltage flow across a circuit or is it impressed across a circuit?

The voltage is applied to the circuit. The idea is that the voltageshould not change when the circuit is connected - in practice itmight fall a little. Answer Let's star ( Full Answer )
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Is across an pronoun?

No, the word 'across' is an adverb and a preposition . An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. A preposition shows the relationship of its object noun o ( Full Answer )
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Did the Romans spread across Europe and Across the mediteranean sea?

Yes. the Romans had provinces in both Europe and Africa. Yes. the Romans had provinces in both Europe and Africa. Yes. the Romans had provinces in both Europe and Africa. Y ( Full Answer )
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Is across a pronoun?

No, the word 'across' is a preposition and an adverb . . A preposition is a word that connects a noun or apronoun (the object of the preposition) to another word in the ( Full Answer )