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What are the Actions of diuretic?

DIURETICS DIURETICS ARE used to stimulate the kidneys and rid the body of excess fluid. That's the simple answer. For more info, Google "diuretics" or "hydrochlorothiazide". (MORE)
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What are falling actions?

According to "Falling Action - All of the action in a play that follows the turning point. The falling action l (MORE)
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What are reflex actions?

A reflex action is an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to astimulus. It does not involve cognitive processes. The typical example would be that if you were to place yo (MORE)
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What is actionable misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation resulting in court procedings. If something is 'actionable' it basically means you can sue over it.
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Where do you get meez actions?

You get your actions from the rooms available in Meez. But, only some rooms have these actions you may be talking about. If you need help looking for an action and don't know (MORE)
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What are the actions of a mouse?

Well the mouse sends the movements of it to the computer. A mouse with a mouse-ball has rollers inside of it that move with the ball and from there can operate similar to a ke (MORE)
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What are the actions on IMVU?

Well there are many IMVU poses and Danice's but some are bear hug ,boo, nuts ,kick,blow kiss , and more those are some Ty and 1
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What are some actions?

a action is like what u are doing like walking a dog thats a action
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What actions do wolves do?

Wolves do things like any other animal does. Howl Hunt Mate Dig Eat Drink you name it -.-
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What were pegasus actions?

a. The wing movements of a Pegasus b. The ground movements (galloping, trotting ...) (A Pegasus is a fictional creature who is a horse but with wings)
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Is actionized a word?

No... probably not the BEST answer ever.(I'm in Honors 8th grade so yeah...)
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What is exaggerated actions?

when you go beyond regular everyday actions. usually using your imagination. for ex. i falcon punch him so hard he woke up back in day care
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Are actions physical?

Yes in some ways they are. For example: hitting is an actions and is physical.
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What does actions mean?

The word actions is a noun. It has several meanings, including the act of doing something or achieving an aim or goal. It may also mean the way in which a chemical or a substa (MORE)
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What are actions of antibiotics?

(1) Neutralization (2) Opsonization (3) Precipitation (4) Adherence inhibition (5) Immune complex formation
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Luthers Actions Where What?

His original intention was only to reform the Roman Catholic Church, but his actions led to a split of the Church, dividing it into the Protestant and Catholic branches.