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What are action replays?

its a card you put into your system and u can boot cheat codes to your game
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Where is the Action Replay?

you can get it at wall-mart target all the basic stores that have electronics also check out for codes
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What is root action?

Like an event from your school or helping you vote on your campaign and some other sorts of stuff and you'll find people like putting up posters saying vote for me or putting ( Full Answer )
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What is action reaplay?

action reaplay is a cheat divice for the ds it will get great cheats for your fave games of corse there are some downers only 2 though 1.realy long codes (sometimes) may ( Full Answer )
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What are reflex actions?

A reflex action is an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to astimulus. It does not involve cognitive processes. The typical example would be that if you were to place yo ( Full Answer )
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What is a deck action?

The answer to this question is best provided in the following link: (note: it's appropriately spelled "dec" action):.
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What is an action report?

An action report is a report by a business for actions that takeplace several times a year. These businesses can be as small as alocal restaurant or as large as a hospital.
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Action or linking?

The easy way to recognize a linking verb is that a linking verb acts as an equals sign, the object is a different form of the subject (Mary is my sister. Mary=sister); or the ( Full Answer )
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What is action replay and where can you get it?

An Action Replay is a system to cheat your way into games, it is totally awsome. You can get them at Walmart, Best Buy, Circut City, etc. Hope this helps!
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Action of ampicillin?

Mostly used for Pediatric infection caused by Gram positive bacterias at the level of respiratory tract and urinary tract. Better antibiotics are being used nowadays.
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What is hydraulic action?

Hydraulic action is a form of mechanical weathering caused by the force of moving water currents rushing into a crack in the rockface. "What does hydroulic action mean?"
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What do you do with a action replay?

Your action replay can help you get through games by using codes. When you get one, it is preset with a lot of codes. You simply click on the green * button on the bottom scre ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with action replay?

Action replays allow you to hack games and modify data using codes. Action replays work in different ways depending on the console in question. I hope this answers your que ( Full Answer )
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What is high action and low action?

Action refers to the height of the guitar strings from the fretboard. For High action the strings are farther away making it harder to press the strings down. Low action is th ( Full Answer )
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An action which is opposed to a previous action?

This sounds a bit like Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, which states: "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other ( Full Answer )
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When was Auschwitz in action?

Auschwitz was in operation: 1. As a very harsh concentration camps from May 1940 till January 1945. 2. As an extermination camp from about April 1942 till January 1945.
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What is misrepresentation action?

it's basically lying, or cheating, or doing something unjust. example: under certain circumstances, false statements or promises made by a seller of goods regarding the qu ( Full Answer )
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What are the actions on IMVU?

Well there are many IMVU poses and Danice's but some are bear hug ,boo, nuts ,kick,blow kiss , and more those are some Ty and 1
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What is the action of an nsaid?

Technically speaking NSAIDs have 3 actions 1. To reduce pain(analgesic) 2. to reduce inflammation (Anti inflammatory) 3. To reduce the fever (Anti pyretic)
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What is an action system?

Action means certain task or certain needs by someone. Similarly, system means the way or methodology to do something. Thus as a whole, we can say that action system means the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the rising action?

The rising action just means all the little things that build up to the high point of the story, which is called the climax.
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What are some actions?

a action is like what u are doing like walking a dog thats a action
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What is Antecendent action?

Antecendent action is when you substitute someone but in science you must have the word Substitute action is the same
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Is reflex action a voluntary action?

No. A reflex action is an involuntary action. There are differenttypes of reflexes that involve a different combination of sensoryand motor neurons. The simplest has only two ( Full Answer )
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What is the action of the coracobrachialis?

Adducts (away from the body) and flexes the humerus Resists downward dislocation of the shoulder joint
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What actions do wolves do?

Wolves do things like any other animal does. Howl Hunt Mate Dig Eat Drink you name it -.-
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What is the action of the supraspinatus?

The supraspinatus, one of the four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff, abducts the humerus the first 15 - 20 degrees, after which the task is assumed by the deltoid.
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Is be a verb or action?

'to be' is a linking verb not an action verb. It expresses a 'state of being'. You are good. You = good 'are' is the second person of 'to be'
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What is an habitual action?

A habitual action is an action based on past learning. It is not the result of a conscience choice, but rather something a person does out of habit. Habitual actions are often ( Full Answer )
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Is a verb a action?

A verb is a doing word, an action. For example in this sentence: Amy ran to the shops, ran is the verb because Amy is doing it.
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What is an action scene?

It's an exciting scene in a story, where there's something going oninstead of description or dialogue.
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Is can an action?

Can is a helping verb. It must be paired with an action verb to make a complete thought. For example: "She can swim fast." Here, the action verb is swim.
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What is the rising action and falling action?

Rising action is the build up to the biggest problem in the bookand the falling action is the loose ends from the big problem