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What does ActiveX mean?

Answer . \nAs found using Google, ActiveX means:\n. \nDefinitions of ActiveX on the Web:\n. \nSoftware components from Microsoft. They enable sound, Java applets and anim ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove activex?

Remove an ActiveX control, follow the steps. 1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click the Install/Uninstall t ( Full Answer )
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How TO install ActiveX?

Active X controller(s) are generally installed through a series of prompts and/or instructions given to the user to install same. The prompts will guide the user through the p ( Full Answer )
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Firefox ActiveX error?

While Firefox does not natively support ActiveX, you probably have a plug-in to enable ActiveX in Firefox, most often in support of sites that wish to embed content in Windows ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between ActiveX and DirectX?

DirectX is a set of standard commands and functions that software developers can use when creating their programs. While any Windows-based software program can include DirectX ( Full Answer )
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How do you uninstall ActiveX?

Well, Start Menu then go to the control panel and click add or remove program you if it doesn't work or still exist i have a special tool to remove it if you need,i used one h ( Full Answer )
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What is activex dll?

ActiveX dll serves as one of crucial component in Windows operating system. It is especially designed to keep the system running properly and nicely. It cannot be edited manua ( Full Answer )
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What are activeX controls?

Answer . Set of platform independent technologies developed by Microsoft that enable software components to interact with one another in a networked environment, like the I ( Full Answer )
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What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is a set of object-oriented programming (OOP) technologies and tools that Microsoft developed for Internet Explorer to facilitate rich media playback. Essentially, Int ( Full Answer )
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Why is using ActiveX controls a security risk?

ActiveX controls can be a security risk because they are programs that run through your web browser. Any software can be a potential security risk.
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Is ActiveX control bad for your computer?

There are a number of security risks associated with ActiveX. If you do not need it, it's a good idea to disable it. See your computer's help file for directions, or google "d ( Full Answer )
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Is ActiveX control safe to download?

it all depends on the site. Use Mozilla firefox or the google chrome browser for browsing unsafe websites You need to run these 4 essential steps to remove all the spyw ( Full Answer )
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What is vb ActiveX EXE?

Vb stands for Visual Basic. An ActiveX Exe is an out of process server which runs in it's own separate memory space. The component can run as a standalone desktop applicatio ( Full Answer )
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ActiveX is best defined as what?

Framework for defining reusable software components in a programming language independent way. Software applications can then be composed from one or more of these components ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of ActiveX controls?

Rich Text Format and MS Flex Grid Control are the significance of active-x control. 1. R T F ( Rich Text Format ). It is a standard for strong formatting information along in ( Full Answer )
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Difference between activex dll and activex exe?

COM Components (either AcitveX dll or ActiveX exe) provide a way to decouple and deploy applications in a way allows for reuse of these components. Additionally, COM allows yo ( Full Answer )
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Does Google Chrome support ActiveX?

Google Chrome doesn't naturally support ActiveX, but there is oneway to force it: Internet Explorer does support ActiveX.
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Does Safari support ActiveX?

No, it doesn't. ActiveX is strictly Microsoft technology and is supported only on Internet Explorer. The reason behind this is: . ActiveX is only Windows technology, meani ( Full Answer )
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Is ActiveX is best defined as a Trojan horse?

No. ActiveX is a Microsoft developed technology used to facilitate the reuse of software components, often used in web development to implement interactivity in websites. Howe ( Full Answer )
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ActiveX is best descibed as?

ActiveX is a Microsoft technology that allowed programmers to include rich, dynamic user controls into a static web page, long before the concepts of Java, Flash, and DHTML be ( Full Answer )

How do you remove ActiveX from HTML code?

Not sure what you are trying to do or what kind of ActiveX calls you have in your HTML code. However, the easiest way to remove anything from an HTML document is to highlight ( Full Answer )
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When is it safe to download ActiveX software?

ActiveX controls are only as dangerous as the intentions of the person who wrote them. Only download them when the site that is asking you can be trusted. If you don't trust t ( Full Answer )
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What company created ActiveX?

The company that created Active X is called Microsoft. This was created in order to allow people to download content and videos from over the internet, and have a smooth runni ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to download download ActiveX?

It is safe to download Active X only if you download it from the official site or a reputable site. If you don't then you risk getting a computer virus.
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What is an ActiveX Control used for?

An ActiveX control is a type of add-on for internet browsers. It facilitates better website experiences by helping videos to play. It also assists in downloading updates for M ( Full Answer )
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How does one install ActiveX Control?

To install ActiveX Control, one would need to navigate to Adobe's official website. ActiveX Control is bundled with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, although there ar ( Full Answer )
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What is Windows Live Mesh ActiveX?

ActiveX is used for visuals in diffrent games and windows software. Live Mesh was Microsoft's old sync application. It's been replaced by SkyDrive.
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Where can one find an ActiveX download?

Active X download can be found on many locations. Sites like Softonic, CNET, and Mediafire have an Active X download. You got to make sure you got the last updated version.
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Where can one download ActiveX?

You can download ActiveX software online from the Cnet website. You can find download mirrors for this software online from the SoftSonic and Tucows websites.
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Where can one download ActiveX control software?

The Activex control software, a component in the standard Microsoft Windows software, can be downloaded from a number of different sources. CNET offers safe and fast downloads ( Full Answer )
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Where can one download the ActiveX Control?

Active X Control is one way to enhance your internet security, and was introduced by Microsoft in 1996. It can be downloaded for Windows computers from CNET for free.
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How can one find a download of ActiveX?

There are many places which offer ActiveX downloads. Websites which offer Active X are CNet, Chip, Softonic and Microsoft. While all of these websites are pretty trustworthy, ( Full Answer )
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Is ActiveX a type of computer virus?

No. It's a plugin framework that makes it easy for programmers todevelop plugins. As of now it's been obsoleted because of betteralternatives available now and it had security ( Full Answer )