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Can you be an actor?

Of course you can. You just have to give it your all and don't let anyone doubt you. Consider taking acting classes first, then get an agent, then audition. Effort and persis (MORE)
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What is an actor?

An actor is a male who works in films or plays as a character.. An actress is a female who works in films or plays as a character.. Although you can call a female an actor.
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How do you be an actor?

Theatre is life with the dull bits cut out, you live it. You BE the person, then you go out and go for it, audition for EVERYTHING, find your strengths, and for the love of ev (MORE)
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How can you be a actor?

If you have acting talent, you should audition for a play or movie.
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How can i be an actor?

first, try entering in school plays and plays around your town. thats a way to get noticed. it gives you lots of acting experience for if thats what you want your career to be (MORE)
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How i can be an actor?

Go to school and graduate wherever you want to be an actor. Take drama classes, and tour to places. Find a way to impress a director.
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What is a kiwi actor?

A "kiwi actor" is an actor who comes from New Zealand. "Kiwi" is the colloquial term for a New Zealander, and it is the national bird of New Zealand.
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How can you an actor?

Many people dream of becoming a famous actor. To become one takespractice there are local theaters and classes someone can take aswell as agents that can be contacted to help (MORE)
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How be an actor?

\nOnce you learn proper grammar, and recatagorize your question, maybe you will get an answer
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What do you have to do to be an actor?

You need to start in a good acting school, then look for agencies, and go to auditions. Yes, that works for some. And would be the smartest way. Others start young, many these (MORE)
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Where to be actor?

You can be an actor anywhere you want. There are options from local community theater to the stage of Broadway to being on TV or in movies in Hollywood. It all depends if you (MORE)
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How do you be an actores?

You have to learn how to dance and sing because it is going to be easy to make the movie.
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What do you do to be an actor?

Firstly you need to start in a good acting school. Secondly make contacts.. Then go to auditions and try your luck. Struggle is all what it takes.
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When is an actor not an actor or acting?

When they are off camera, off the air in radio or tv, or off stage they shouldnt be acting, but many actors are personalities of their on stage or screen character and may be (MORE)
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How do you get to be an actor?

Most actors and actresses start out by going to drama school, taking extra acting classes, joining acting clubs, and attending auditions. They may go for countless auditions b (MORE)
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What do you need to be a actor?

you need to be experiennce and need to be trutworthy of yourself if you dnt youll never make it to be succesful!
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How can you be a actor in a movie?

the way you can be an actor is simply going on-line to try to find a local acting school and go there. then you will find an agent(hopefully a good 1). then try to get roles i (MORE)
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Who is the actor with scoliosis?

There are many celebrities with scoliosis, from olympic swimmers, actors, actresses and even royalty, I have added a link to my celebrity scoliosis page for you to see, if I a (MORE)
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Will you became a actor?

you can do anythink that you want, just if you belived in yourself 1 act a lot of times 2 drink a lot of water 3 behave yourself 4 get good grades 5 go to the funny guy (MORE)