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What is actual sovereignty?

sovereignty is the power of state. where the persons are communicate with this power and the power is used properly that is the actual sovereignty.
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What did the Levites actually do?

Answer . Not all Levites did the service of the tabernacle. That was reserved for the priests. All priests were Levites, but not all Levites were priests.
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Who is actual god?

There's no God...I mean god...people believe in god because they didnt know about the elements and there wasn't enough science in the "ancient" times so people just imagined t ( Full Answer )
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What is actual use of have had?

We have had to wait three days. I have had a headache all day. They would have had a nice time if they had waited for us.
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What is PAD actually for?

\nplease be more specific, how should we know what you mean? it could be a kaoss pad and a mouse pad. and what do you mean by what a pad is for?
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What is actual enterprise?

A business, company, or comparable organisation. Also any adventure or undertaking, and in some cases, the resourcefulness and energy that is an input into these.
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Actually in German?

Depending on the context of the sentence, it could be any of the following " tatsächlic h", " wirklich ", " sogar ", " eigentlich " or " genau genommen ".
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What does the RSPCA actually do?

Help Animals, its stands for: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals If owners can't cope with their animal they will phone the RSPCA and the RSPCA will take y ( Full Answer )
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What does actually actually mean?

actually means what the heck are you doing soz just kidding actually means when something really is somethinh
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What actually wikianswer is for?

It is a simpler version of a search engine. It helps narrow down your question so you are not stuck with a list of websites to choose from. It's main purpose is to let people ( Full Answer )
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Does he actually care for me?

That depends. How does he treat you? If he treats you with respectthen yes, he does care for you. But if he doesn't, than you mightwant to break up with him.
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What is LOST actually about?

LOST is a show with a number of different topics. The first event that ooccurs is when they board Oceanic Flight #815, from Sydney back to LA. When the plane mysteriously fail ( Full Answer )
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What are actual resources?

The resources which have been developed by man for use and which are being utilized are actual resources.
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What was the actual stockade?

The actual stockade is what civilians would call a jail. Most bases have one. In the "old days" there were two jails on most Army bases. The stockade is like a county jail: i ( Full Answer )
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What is an actual hazard?

An actual hazard is one that really exists, as opposed to a hazard that is not real but people think it is.
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What actually is love?

Poets & kings, philosophers, seekers, zealots, simpletons & and every teenager and song writer that ever lived have pondered that question & come no closer than you! In the si ( Full Answer )
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What is an actual number?

An actual number are the numbers that we use in the acuality, based on many civilizations numbers; For example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
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Do people actually answer?

Yes. A lot will depend of how the question is worded, whether anyone even knows the answer and how much research is required. It may not be answered for a while. There is n ( Full Answer )
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What is a bear actually?

Bear actually is indiginous to much of the woods of the northern hemisphere actually and is known to mall actually your actual face off when given the actual opportunity.
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What actually is a star?

A star is a big ball of gas in outer space that is held together with gravity. The star nearest to Earth is the Sun. Most of the energy on Earth comes from it. We can see ot ( Full Answer )
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What is the sun actually?

It's a massive ball of Hydrogen which is constantly being turned into helium (about 600 million tons per second). It's essentially a giant nuclear fusion reactor.
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What does actually the Interpreter do?

what it basicly does is just translate from one language to another example, hola in spanish is hi in English
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What is propanal actually?

By 'propanal' I'm going to guess the intended question was about propanol. Propanol is an alkanol, identified by ts distinct -O-H bond. eg. Methanol, H H-C-O-H H as o ( Full Answer )
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Are UFOs actually there?

UFO's are a documented fact, witnessed by thousands of people world-wide. That does not mean they are alien crafts, it just means they cannot be identified with anything known ( Full Answer )
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Is there actually a yeti?

No one thought there was a yeti until the year 2000 when Ronald Greenwhich and Piper Sanders explored the North Pole. As they were walking Piper Sanders noticed what seemed to ( Full Answer )
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What does CandleFOREX actually do?

Candle FOREX or Japanese candlesticks is a way to present stats on a graph. The candlestick represent a certain time period and provides information about the open and close p ( Full Answer )
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Who actually is samali?

SHe is the nicest, preetiest person on earth! who said no one was perfect! samali is perfect, she got everything! have i mentioned that she can sing! She can read books she's ( Full Answer )
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What is the verb for actually?

There is no verb form for actually, which is an adverb used to modify a verb; for example: We actually went to Paris.
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What is Radiation actually?

Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through some material or through space. Since there is Vacuum( empty space) between earth and the sun, Light travel ( Full Answer )
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Who is malala actually?

Malala Yousafzai is the young Pakistani girl who was shot in thehead by members of the Taliban 9 October 2012 . She survived andwent on to be an advocate for a woman's right t ( Full Answer )
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What is love actually?

If you mean, "What is Love, Actually ", it is a movie written by Richard Curtis. It is a romantic comedy that follows the lives of several couples and singles in the weeks le ( Full Answer )
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What is your id actually?

Your ID is actually your identification. This might refer to your dental pattern or your fingerprints or might refer to the ID issued to you by your local government.
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What does a macsurfer actually do?

A macsurfer is some one that follows all news put out by Apple, and then re-post it on a blog or a separate website that is not affiliated with Apple.
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Is actual a noun?

No, the word 'actual' is an adjective , a word thatdescribes a noun, for example, "What is the actual cost?" The noun forms for the adjective actual are actuality andactua ( Full Answer )
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Is actual a verb?

No. A verb must be an action, something you can do, and 'actual' is not something you can do. Actual is an adjective, a word that describes a noun or another adjective.