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Who is actual god?

There's no God...I mean god...people believe in god because they didnt know about the elements and there wasn't enough science in the "ancient" times so people just imagined t (MORE)
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What does actually actually mean?

actually means what the heck are you doing soz just kidding actually means when something really is somethinh

What actually wikianswer is for?

It is a simpler version of a search engine. It helps narrow down your question so you are not stuck with a list of websites to choose from. It's main purpose is to let people (MORE)
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What is LOST actually about?

LOST is a show with a number of different topics. The first event that ooccurs is when they board Oceanic Flight #815, from Sydney back to LA. When the plane mysteriously fail (MORE)
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What are actual resources?

The resources which have been developed by man for use and which are being utilized are actual resources.

What was the actual stockade?

The actual stockade is what civilians would call a jail. Most bases have one. In the "old days" there were two jails on most Army bases. The stockade is like a county jail: i (MORE)