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Can you lose weight by eatting one meal aday of fruit?

Answer . i would not recommend it but yes you can. However just remember that when you do start to eat regular meals everyday again you will gain your weight a lot faster ( Full Answer )
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If im getting paid salary why does my employer take my built up vacation day when i take aday off work?

Answer . 1. Regulations Part 541 - US Dept of Labor: Deductions from pay may be made when an exempt employee is absent from work for 1 or more full days for personal reason ( Full Answer )
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If you're a male with a female friend that calls you 5or times aday and it up sets your girl friend a hole lot what to do about the girl friend?

if you are really just friends with the other girl, let her know how close you and the friend are, then invite her to spend more and more time with you and the friend. she mig ( Full Answer )
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Who is Marvin lee aday?

MEATLOAF born in Texas hits are bat out of hell , i would do anything for love has allso being in films like the rocky horror show black dog 51st state
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Does only eating one meal aday become a eating disorder?

Not in and of itself. It's unhealthy, yes, but there are more criteria for diagnosis of an eating disorder than the restriction of calories alone. Eating only one meal a day c ( Full Answer )
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My Jack Russell pup is 4months old and always hungry we feed him 2 times aday could you please advise?

My dog is a geman shepard, and we used to feed him twice a day and in the morning he done his buisness in our house :/... If he's always hungry then feed him... Dog food in th ( Full Answer )
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Why higher education has become are very expensive now aday?

higher education are become very expensive such as engineering, medical etc. because each & every thing are very expensive. suppose in B.E. there are different company arriv ( Full Answer )
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Is Adai a Hebrew word?

no, it is not. But it's close to two Hebrew words: Adonai = God Adi = adornment (also a Jewish name)
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Why you eat 5times aday?

we eat it because it has fibre to help you not become constipated , nutrients , minerals , and this are all things we need to lead a healthy and happy life :)
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How many eggs do chickens lay aday?

a chicken only lays one egg a day when in their prime, they can lay 2 eggs a day, other than that they lay 1, after a certain age they stopp laying altogether, the age verys ( Full Answer )
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How did Marvin Lee Aday get the name Meatloaf?

His dad "called me Meat Loaf almost from the time my mother brought me home" after being born in Dallas in 1946, Loaf writes.\nFrom LIKE A BAT OUT OF ORLANDO -
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How many hair can fall in aday?

science has shown that it actually depends on what colour hair you have Example a brown haired person would lose more hairs a day than a red haired person (at least that's the ( Full Answer )
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How many times does filipino eat in aday?

Filipinos normally eat 5 times a day. The breakfast, merienda(snacks) in the morning, lunch, merienda(snacks) in the afternoon, and dinner.
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Why would my ISX regen's itself twice aday can you unplug the egr?

Because your aftertreatment system needs maintenance. You won'tgain anything by deleting the EGR... and if you have a DEF engine,you won't have one, anyhow. You need to pull c ( Full Answer )
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Apple aday keep the doctor away?

I think is has to do with the "pectin" in the apple skin. Pectin is used to cure or prevent loose bowels' Hence ----I think Kaopectate)
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Who is Marvin lee adays dad?

Marvin Lee Aday - aka the singer MeatLoaf '...was the first child of Wilma Artie (née Hukel), a school teacher and a member of the Vo-di-o-do Girls gospel quartet, and Orvi ( Full Answer )
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Who is rugby open to now adays?

Rugby is available to many different ages. I started rugby when i was 5 in the under 7 team. I was a little too young so had to repeat a year when it got to contact. I played ( Full Answer )
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How many ounces of red wine is healthy to drink in aday?

The U.S. federal government currently considers one standard drink per day for women to be moderate consumption, although many other countries (and many research studies) cons ( Full Answer )
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Why are people racist now adays?

Probably because they were raised in racist family's, they don't like certain skin toned people, their mom dropped them on their heads, certain people in that certain skin ton ( Full Answer )
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What is aday walker vampire?

When a pregnant woman gets bitten by a vampire, her unborn child becomes a daywalker. A daywalker is someone who has all the strenghths of both humans and vampires but not the ( Full Answer )
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When was Amanda Aday born?

Amanda Aday was born on January 21, 1981, in New York City, New York, USA.
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What movie and television projects has Amanda Aday been in?

Amanda Aday has: Played Herself - Daughter in "Biography" in 1987. Played Pregnant Waitress in "ER" in 1994. Performed in "To Catch a Yeti" in 1995. Played Grocery Clerk in "M ( Full Answer )