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What eats a addax?

They are few and far between, I believe a predator would be stretched to find one. But if in the wild, in large enough numbers to be hunted by something besides paochers, I'd ( Full Answer )
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Why does the Addax antelope suit the Sahara?

The Addax is adapted to the Sahara, and that's why it's a habitat match. As one example, it's hooves are broad, which helps them walk on sand. Another adaptation might be that ( Full Answer )
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What is an addax and where can they be found?

An Addax is a mammal. The scientific name is Addax nasomaculatus. It can be found ind Sandy and dry place, normally away from water.
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Where are Addax from and what are they?

The Addax ( Addax nasomaculatus ), also known as the screwhorn antelope, is an endangered desert antelope that lives in isolated regions in the Sahara desert.
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How does an addax adapt to its surroundings?

The Addax has adapted to its surroundings with its large hooves, good for walking on the sand. It has a low center of gravity, allowing it to keep its footing even on unstable ( Full Answer )
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Home for addax and dorcas gazelle?

The Addax, an antelope, and the dorcas gazelle are both found inAfrica and Arabia. They survive on vegetation in grassland, steppe,wadis, mountain desert and semidesert climat ( Full Answer )
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Where does the Addax antelope live?

The Addax antelope, otherwise known as the white antelope, lives in the Sahara desert of Africa, however it is no longer found in the western part of the Sahara. Sightings of ( Full Answer )
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Mr muri adelabu hr manager of addax petroleum?

From:. "HR, ADDAX PETROLEUM COMPANY" . Add sender to Contacts. To:., Attention: DHANAJA PRAKAS PUSHKARAN, We are using this ( Full Answer )
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How can you save the addax?

You can save the Addax by not shooting so many. If people stop it will encrease the production of the Addax.Now there are only 200- left in the wild.847- left in captivity!
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Why are addax endangered?

The Addax have been hunted because their skin and meat are prized by natives, the former both for use as leather and merely as a trophy kill. They used to live throughout dese ( Full Answer )
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How Addax Antelope adapt in desert?

the adaptions of an addax antelope is it has wide feet.those wide feet prevent it from sinking in the sand in adesert