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What is a parallel adder?

The adders discussed in the previous section have been limited to adding single-digit binary numbers and carries. The largest sum that can be obtained using a full adder is 11 ( Full Answer )
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IS there caffeine in Adderal?

No there is no caffeine in adderall. Adderall is composed of mixed amphetamine salts. However like caffeine, amphetamine is a stimulant and all stimulants increase the amount ( Full Answer )
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Define half adder and full adder?

half adder is the computational device that adds two binary digits while full adder is the computational device that adds three binary digits.
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Explain half adder and full adder?

From wikipedia: A half adder is a logical circuit that performs an addition operation on two binary digits. The half adder produces a sum and a carry value which are both bin ( Full Answer )
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Application of Adder?

@ Networking side the adder is using mostly. @ DSP oriented system, the adder is used more. @ CPU side.
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Is adderal addictive?

Adderall is one of the most highly addictive drugs because of ease of attaining. Also, most people get on it and crave the euphoric feeling, the insane drive to learn and succ ( Full Answer )
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What is adder?

In electronics the digital circuit or a component of a computerprocessor that adds numbers is an adder. The adder adds the numbersaccording to the processing instructions.
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What exactly does adderal do?

Adderal is a mixture of stimulants (almost a drug cocktail) called dextroamphetamines. They increase levels of important neurotransmitters in the synapses of neurons (space be ( Full Answer )
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Why full adder is better then half adder?

Full adder is better than half adder because in half adder we can perform operation on only two digits and in full adder we can perform operation on three binary digits.
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Does Adderal have a methemphetimine in it?

Adderall does not have Methamphetamine in it. Adderall is the brand name for the drug Amphetamine. Adderall will cause a drug test to read positive for amphetamines.. It's ma ( Full Answer )
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Half adder and full adder?

binary addition of two bits is called a half adder ,and of three bits is called a full adder to be more lucid in my explanation a half adder doesnot consider a carry generated ( Full Answer )
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Is the adder a reptile?

Yes. "Adder" is a more or less generic term for a small snake, especially venomous snakes of Africa and the Middle East.
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What do adders eat?

Adders eat a varity of animals, dependant on where they're living, mice, voles, shrews, lizards, frogs, newts and salamanders are all on the menu. Young Adders also eat insect ( Full Answer )
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How Full adder using half adder?

asdfghjkl;' s-sum and c'-carry see for half adder s=a(xor)b and c'=ab for full adder s=a(xor)b(xor)c and c=ab+bc+ac or ab+c(a(xor)b) we can convert two half adder to ( Full Answer )
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What are Adderal?

Adderal is a drug that is know to calm a person. If used by a doctor. If used a OTC drug it is most likely going to harm your immune system
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Difference between adder and parallel adder?

1.serial adder add bits serially but parallel adder add bits at thesame time . 2.serial adder depends on previous outputs but parallel adder doesnot depends on previous output ( Full Answer )
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In warriors what is a adder?

A adder is a very poisonous snake which lives at Snakerocks. Its bite would cause the cat to die(At least in the case of Adderkit).
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How do you spot an adder?

See the related link for tips on how to go about spotting Adders in their natural environment. BEAR IN MIND the Adder is a venomous species, and should be approached with caut ( Full Answer )
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Is a adder a vertebrate?

Yes it is - it has a complete internal skeleton, including skull, spine and ribs.
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What isDeath Adder?

The 'Death Adder' is a species of venomous snake found in North America, a member of the 'Pit Viper' subfamily.
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What is the adders habitat?

The adder is found in a range of habitats including woodland,moors, lake sides, alpine rocky slopes, and saline and sandysemi-deserts. It requires sunny glades or slopes where ( Full Answer )
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Where will you find adders?

you can find adders at hill end in the UK. the adders live in the long grass, in the river and in the forest where abouts there is loads of rabbits , sheep , people. by Lauren ( Full Answer )
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Can you work out on adderal?

From personal experience, it works wonders. If you are someone prescribed to adderall, and it is taken for you to calm down, I'm not really sure what it will feel like or whet ( Full Answer )
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Is an adder a rattlesnake?

Rattle snakes belong to the Adder [Viper] family. Adders are easily recognisable by the triangular or V shaped head. Wide behind the eyes with a pointed nose.
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What is a adder snake?

An Adder snake is a venoumous snake what can harmly affect you. Death adders are the most dustinuishable snakes in Australia. They are highly venoumous and are found in most o ( Full Answer )
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How can you get prescribed for adderal?

Explain to your doctor how you can't focus in school or work or anything you're doing. How everything distracts you. They'll probably throw something like Concerta or Stratter ( Full Answer )
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Comparison of serial adder and parallel adder?

serial adder: 1) Slower 2) It uses shift registers 3) IT requires one full adder circuit. 4) It is sequential circuit. 5) Time required for addition depends on number of bits ( Full Answer )
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Is adderal better than adderal xr?

All depends on what and how you are using it Xr last longer where straight just hits you harder..
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Are adders deaf?

No. Although they don't have external ears, snakes, including adders, do have internal ears connected to their jawbone. Vibrations picked up by the jawbone are transferred ( Full Answer )
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How do you quit Adderal?

Firstly, the drug is called Adderall. This is an amphetamine and is usually prescribed to "treat" attention deficit disorders. According to PubMed, stopping this drug suddenly ( Full Answer )
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How can you get adderal out of your urine?

Adderall is present in urine for 2-4 days after consumption... You can cut this time down and cleanse your urine up to 3x as fast by using Vitamin C and other Acidic Nutrients ( Full Answer )
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Where can adders be found?

They can be found anywhere most common in houses they do bite you and it does hurt so they will most likely bleed.
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What is a Death Adder?

A Death Adder - is a highly-venomous snake - native to Australia and New Guinea.
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Can full adder become half adder?

No. A full adder is two half adders with a carry circuit to combine the two carries together.
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Where can i buy adderal?

Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. It is considered acontrolled substance in the United States, which means it ( Full Answer )