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How did addled come to mean a person lacking in wit?

The dictionary (Webster's 17th) shows that it went from Middle English meaning filth/liquid manure to "throw into confusion/confound" about 1712. I've heard the word addlepate ( Full Answer )
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What does addled mean?

Addled means mixed up or confused. Addled is often used to describea person who is acting strange or confused.
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How do you make a sentence with addle?

"Will you go to that person and addle him?" "Stop addling me" "He addled him in to total confusion"\n. \nI didn't realise how being in love would totally addle my brain ( Full Answer )
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Used the word addled in a sentence?

Yes, I have an example of a sentence with addled could be: Poor old Alice she's addled in the head. In this case addled mean messed or crazy, fiddled with
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What is a good sentence for addle?

Because the man used drugs, his brain was addled and was unable to think clearly.
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What does addle mean?

Addle can mean either to muddle or confuse, or it can be used in cookery terms when an egg as gone bad
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What is an addling?

An addling is the causing of fertilized eggs to lose viability by killing the developing embryo without breaking the shell.