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How do you get ADD?

You are born with it. Look it up in the DSM, look at specialists websites, most likely its genetic(my mom and grandma have it as do I) BUt you cant catch it and most do not gr ( Full Answer )
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What is ADD?

ADD is a depreciated term for attention-deficit disorder. It is sometimes used to refer to the inattentive subtype of ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). . Att ( Full Answer )

Is there a cure for ADD?

Answer . \nno. not at this time. sorry.. Answer . \nNo. There is no cure, but there are management strategies that can help to overcome some of the problems associated ( Full Answer )
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Symptoms of add?

Restlessness, loss of concentration, mood swings, foul aggression,insomnia, these are just a few. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioralcondition in ( Full Answer )
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How do you add?

This is how you add! 100 + 120 ___ 220 well you add the ones placed first, then you add the tens, then hundreds, then thousands, and etc.
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What add ons can you add to a spatula?

None that I know on. It is designed for a simple task. ---------------------------------------------------- I disagree. I believe that a spatula can and should be improve ( Full Answer )
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How do you add rockhopper?

You can't really add Rockhopper as a friend but you can get a free background! I saw him before. Status:Online Server:Husky Room:Snow Forts Please look for me on club penguin ( Full Answer )
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What is an add-on?

An add-on is an something you add to another program to make it better or more functional for the users benefit.
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How do you add an answer?

By clicking on the Improve Answer button located at the bottom of the question. . I wanted t know that

Do I have ADD?

if you are worried about ADD or ADHD get yourself tested by a specialist. It is very common to be misdiagnosis, cus well in this day in age we live in a very low attention wit ( Full Answer )
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What is 52.75 add 852.6 add 18.4 add 3.46?

How to do the sum:- write the point one under the other like this - (first write without the point add the point after writing the numbers) 52.75 + 852.6 + 18.4 3.46 = 927.2 ( Full Answer )
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Does cats have ADD?

I don't think cats technically have "ADD". Cats are just easily distracted... it is kind of in their nature.

Is ADD contagious?

Attention Deficit Disorder -- or ADD as it's known -- is a mental health disorder, which means it affects a person's mood, thinking or behavior. As such, it is a very personal ( Full Answer )

Who is affected by add?

According to some sources, ADD and ADHD affect somewhere between 3% and 5% of all children. It actually gets diagnosed in up to 16% of all school aged children, which suggests ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of ADD?

I dont think you can get rid of it... but the more you learn about it, the more you can make the best of it. There are wonderful books written by Dr. Edward Hallowell that are ( Full Answer )
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How can you add?

Fist you take the fist number and the 2nd number and but them together to get an answer
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Where do you add oil?

You add oil at the oil fill cap which is located somewhere on the upper part of the engine. It is more than likely located on the valve cover, but may not be. Look around for ( Full Answer )
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When do you add a probability?

Use of the word "or" is addition; e.g. probability of drawing out of a standard deck of cards a 9 or a 10 which is 4/52 + 4/52 = 8/52 or 2/13.
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How do you answer adds on Craigslist?

How do I email a person that does not give me a phone #? When I use the email on craigslist it never goes thru.
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How do you add addons?

The easiest way to get addons and install them are with one of the two major addon clients, The Curse Client (requires a curse account) and WOWInterface's Minion. To manual ( Full Answer )
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How do vectors add?

You can add them graphically, by drawing them head-to-tail. You can also add them mathematically. Separate the vector into components, then add the components. Most scientif ( Full Answer )
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How do you add to vectors?

Vectors are added by components; z1 + z2 = a1 + ib1 +a2 +ib2 = (a1 + a2) + i (b1 + b2)
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How can you add vectors?

we can add vectors by head to tail rule.THe head of first vector to the tell of second vector.And for the resultant vector we can add the tail of first vector to the head of s ( Full Answer )
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Why do you add sauces?

Bring moisture to the dish Improve the flavour of dish Counteract the richness of the meat Adjust texture Add colour to enhance appearance of food basically, a sauce gives ( Full Answer )
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What are add numbers?

If you are thinking about numbers that look like this +5 then you are thinking of positive numbers. A positive number is any number above 0. Writing +5 is exactly like writing ( Full Answer )
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Do you add the denominator when you add fractions?

No but the denominators must be the same and you just add the numerators. If the denominators are different and you have to find which is greater you have to find a denominato ( Full Answer )
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What is infinity add infinity add infinity add infinity?

As Infinity means to be without end, adding infinity to infinity to infinity would not change that. Adding infinity to an infinity would be Infinity itself. However, this ( Full Answer )
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How do you add when they don't add you on Facebook?

you go to there page and press "send freind request" and if they dont acept that meen that they dont want to be your freind but u cant be someones freind unless they acept it
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How do you add add bot?

yes almost Add_bot in consol (`) you can play a custom game with computers you can select so they all will be in game with you already or you can add them one by one from cons ( Full Answer )
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Do you add the denominators when i add fractions?

No. And you should not add them either. No. And you should not add them either. No. And you should not add them either. No. And you should not add them either.