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Whether secondary evidence can be adduced in cheque bounce case under 138 proceedings?

Secondary evidence - Original cheque lost (37.) Section 138 - Original cheque lost - Secondary evidence - Photocopy of cheque already on record - If cheque is really lost it ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence using the word adduce?

ADDUCE (transitive verb ) - to offer as a reason in support of an argument; bring up as an example; give as proof or evidence; cite "His argumentation was rolling on and o ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell adducable?

The word is likely one of these adjectives: adducible - able to be cited as proof, also spelled "adduceable" educable - able to be educated or taught
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What is an adducer?

An adducer is something which adduces, brings forward as an argument, passage, or consideration which bears on a statement or case.