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What adduction and abduction?

the moving and taking away from your body. i.e. adduction is moving your arm towards your body again and abduction is when you move your arm away from you
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Adduction describes what motion?

The motion will not be effected. If you build a pendulum in your garage that swings with a period of one second, then bring it on a train, it will again swing with a period of (MORE)

How do you get adducted by aliens?

Since aliens do not appear to actually exist, and are probably not criminals if they do exist, there is no way. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the uni (MORE)
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What is the meaning of adduction?

Do you mean what is the meaning of 'Abduction?' Defination: To kidnap or take away someone unlawfully without their consent.
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What is an adduct?

An adduct is the product of an addition reaction - a reaction in which radicals are added to both sides of a double or triple bond.