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What is adenine and guanine?

Adenine and Guanine arenucleic acids. They are found in DNA and RNA. In DNA Adenine bonds with another nucleic acid called Thymine and Guanine bonds with Cytosine. In RN (MORE)
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What does the adenine in a DNA do?

Adenine is one of the four bases found in both DNA and RNA. These four bases are necessary for life. Adenine base pairs with thymine in DNA and uracil in RNA. These bases are (MORE)
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Adenine bonds to what?

Adenine bonds with Thymine. Adenine complementary stand is Thymine in DNA but in RNA Thymine is replaced with Uracil. This means that Adenines complementary stand is Uracil in (MORE)
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What is in adenine?

It is one of the nitrogenous bases found in DNA and RNA to make up genetic information.
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What is the size of adenine?

Adenine is of small size, and it is one bond in the DNA. It is anucleobase with a variety of roles in biochemistry.