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Can a person be an adept?

The noun form is not as frequently used as the adjective, meaning proficient, or highly skilled. Examples : He was an adept in martial arts. (noun) He was adept at martial ar (MORE)
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What does adept mean?

The adjective adept means to be very good or proficient at something, highly skilled. (The noun form is less frequently used, a master or someone proficient.) Examples : "S (MORE)
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Use adept in a sentence?

After attending culinary school, she was adept at creating meals ina matter of minutes.
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How do you use the word adept in a sentence?

The noun form is not as frequently used as the adjective, meaning proficient, or highly skilled. Examples : He was adept at martial arts. (adjective) He was an adept in (MORE)
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What is another word for adept?

The word "adept" is usually an adjective, meaning skilled or proficient Its synonyms include skillful, dexterous, apt, practiced, expert and proficient. When uncertain about (MORE)
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How do you use adept in a sentence?

From Latin, ad (for) plus aptus (fit or qualified); combining form. Sentence use; 'she is very adept at swimming'; he is adept at math.
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What is a sentence using the word Adept?

Introduction children are remarkably adept at learning new verbal information. After years of living in China, he was adept at most of the greeting customs.
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Adept in a sentence?

The midshipman proved himself adept at directing the crew.
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What is a synonym for adept?

Expert. skilful, able, skilled, expert, practiced, accomplished, versed, proficient, master, genius, hotshot
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What is a sentence for adept?

The magician must practice constantly to become adept. The contortionist was very adept. I'm relieved that the driver was so adept at maneuvering the bus through traffic.
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Kathool adept armor?

It's a special armor that you can get in Cysero's shop which can do LOADS of damage. I've tried it out myself.
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How do you pronounce the word adept?

For the adjective, the pronunciation stress is on the second syllable, as "ah-DEPT". (ə-dĕpt', trailing t sound) For the noun, the pronunciation is on the first syllabl (MORE)
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How do you get adept armor in dragonfable?

If you are referring to the Kathool Adept armor, you simply have to go into Cysero's store, head all the way left (once inside) to the orb and talk to him. If you do not have (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to An Era of Treachery by Adept?

THIS WILL BE THE END OF YOU (Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes! This song goes out to all you f**king quitters out there!) How dare you stare at the ground when you Do (MORE)
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Is adept a noun?

Yes, the word 'adept' is a noun and an adjective . The noun 'adept' is a word for a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about something. The (MORE)
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How can one become adept at negotiation?

Many websites or books offer tips and tricks to achieve the best deals in a negotiation. While sources such as these can be helpful the best way to become skilled at this oper (MORE)
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What synonym is for the word adept?

talented . accomplished . adroit . capable . deft . proficient . skillful . savvy . crackerjack . sharp . whiz . wizard . master . dexterous