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What is ADS?

Answer . In context of Microsoft Windows NTFS, ADS stands for "Alternate Data Streams". Please google this phrase for more explaination.but i can tell you get from haveing ( Full Answer )
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What is an AD degree?

What is active directory (AD)= Definition of: Active Directory An advanced, hierarchical directory service that comes with Windows 2000 servers. It is LDAP compliant and ( Full Answer )
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How do you get rid of ads?

Mail ads that come in your mailbox: Call them or go to contact Us in the website and request for them to stop sending it. . Go to your toolbar click on tools turn on pop ( Full Answer )
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How can do you do ads?

Ads (Advertisement) can be done in some many ways through internet free marketing tools like Blogs, Forum Classified Ads Online Newspaper Press release and some many. I'm cur ( Full Answer )
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What is value added?

Added Value means the difference between the selling price of a product and the cost of the materials and components bought in to make it.
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Why is there a BC and an AD?

B.C., or 'Before Christ', is the time period in history before the existence of Christ, and it differs in that B.C. era years decrease as you move forward in time rather than ( Full Answer )
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How do you get ads on your blog?

You can joine Google Adsense or some affiliate site like Joining successfully, you will be able to apply for publishing some advertiser's ads. If you applicatio ( Full Answer )
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What does AD?

This question is too narrow to answer. AD- Advertisement AD- Architectural Digest AD- Active Directory by Microsoft ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder
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How do you answer ads?

Either ignore, or usually the ad will have a link if your on a computer, so you just click on it. Some tv advertisements list their phone numbers, location, website, and you c ( Full Answer )
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What is adding?

adding is having another number and another number or more but you need at least two then group them together to see what they equal if you put all the numbers together
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What is an ad?

An ad is short for advertisement, which is something used to advertise a business, medicine, food, restraunts etc. and should be persuasive to catch someone attention so that ( Full Answer )
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What are adatives?

ANSWER: Are you talking about additives not adatives? As far as I know additives is something that you use to added to enhance the food, or gasoline. I might be wrong but ch ( Full Answer )
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What does the AD stand for in 1000 AD?

Anno Domini, a Latin term meaning years after the birth of Jesus Christ. A literal translation would be the years of our master.
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What are AD?

An advertisement (ad) is a picture or flash that shows you why you should get a companies product, and they also show spam.
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What does AD stand for in 2009 AD?

It is stands for an After Dinosaurs just kidding! It is Anno Domini. People usually refer it as after death for christ. But anno domini is the proper term, which means af ( Full Answer )
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What does the AD mean in 2000 AD?

AD means Anno Domini , which means 'in the year of Our Lord' in Latin. ( In Latin, the word 'anno' includes 'in the' ) A.D. stands for "anno domini," Latin for "year o ( Full Answer )
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Is it have added or had added?

Either is acceptable depending on usage: I have added an extra place setting because Aunt Ada is coming for dinner. You could afford the trip if you had added a small am ( Full Answer )
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What does AD means in 450 AD?

AD = Latin for Anno Domini; Anno= in the year Domini= of the lord lord refers to Jesus Christ In the year of our Lord 450, means 450 years after the assumed birth of Chr ( Full Answer )
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Can laws be added?

Yes, laws can be added. the congress can create a law, but the president must accept the law first.
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What rhymes with ade?

There may be many others but these are a few: made grade laid maid fade degrade jade bade
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How do you get your ad of eBay?

To get your add on eBay, you must first navigate to the eBay homepage and click the "Register" link at the top of the page to start an account. Before you go any further, you ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in a jcpenny ad?

You must be signed to a reputable modeling agency that has JC Penny's as a client.
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What are the adding rules?

There are four mathematical properties which involve addition. The properties are the commutative, associative, additive identity and distributive properties. A + B = B + C ( Full Answer )
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What are ads-on?

ads-on may be a reference to add-ons, I believe? Add-ons are self explanatory, so they literally add on to something, whether it may be a game or a report.
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What are ad partition?

Active Directory data is logically partitioned so that each domain controller does not store all objects in the directory. Each directory partition, also called a naming conte ( Full Answer )
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What is a bandwagon ad?

It shows you that everybody is doing the thing in the ad so that you do it too, like peer pressure.
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What is a agency ad?

An ad agency represents a business or brand to produce, plan and purchase advertisements. Any ads created by an agency would be considered an "agency ad".
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What is the prognosis for AD?

On average, people with AD live eight years past their diagnosis, with a range from one to 20 years.
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What is adding probability?

well, its usually a numerical problem where you will probably end up adding the numbers together to end up with the correct answer. Of course the alternative to this, the sub ( Full Answer )
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What is added nutrients?

"Added nutrients" are usually vitamins and minerals that have been added to foodstuffs, that would not naturally have these nutrients in. E.g like adding iron to rice, since r ( Full Answer )
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Are numbers to be added?

Yes, numbers are supposed to be added because that is a mathematical stadpoint. Also it is an agent to mathematics to help you with the higher levels of math.
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Is it AD 522 or 522 AD?

AD is the abbreviation for the Latin phrase 'Anno Domini' or "in the year of Our Lord" (Jesus Christ). Today, some prefer 'CE', to avoid reference to Christianity. In any ( Full Answer )
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What is ad in and ad out?

advantage in favor of the server in tennis; advantage in favor of the receiver. Terms used after a deuce, i.e., 30-all.
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What is ⅓ added to ⅚?

You have to change you have to change 1/3 to 2/6 and then add 2/6 + 5/6 whichequals 7/6= 1 1/6