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What are the first four lines of the adhan?

This is all of it. I'll show it to you in English. Its in order. Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Ash-hadu alla ilaha illallah Ash-hadu alla ilaha illa ( Full Answer )
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Mobile application for Muslim prayer times like athan or adhan?

I have used many different ones. The best one so far I found is Mobile Muezzin. You can get it at It just works...! Answer: if found the best pro ( Full Answer )
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Why is the adhan important to Muslims?

Because of its similarity, its uniqueness, and the timings (because of different time zone in world) that continues all over the world from far East to West. Its the call for ( Full Answer )
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Why do Ismaili not call Adhan?

This is actually incorrect. The Ismaili call the Adhan using the typical Shiite Adhan. The wording of this call can be read at the Related Link below.
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Is it necessary for women to call the adhan and the iqamat?

No. If they call, it is makrûh because it is harâm [prohibited] for women to raise their voices. (This is [that is, not say the adhân for women] also one of the proof ( Full Answer )
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What do the words in the adhan mean?

Adhân is to recite certain Arabic phrases in prescribed order. It is not adhân to say its translation. There are seven words in the adhân. 1- Allahu akbar: Alla ( Full Answer )
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Is the Adhan called in every country?

The Muslims are found in almost all countries of the world. Wherever the Muslims offer their daily prayer Adhan is called there. Anyhow, there might be few countries where the ( Full Answer )
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What is adhan or the call for salaah?

ADHAN (The call for salaah) When the worshiper has performed his ablution and is ready forsalaah, when the time of salaah arrives, it is acting in accordanceto the traditions ( Full Answer )