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In which language did the word 'Adieu' originate?

Known in 14th Century French as 'a dieu vous commant' meaning 'Icommend you to God'. and used as a farewell . word "adieu" is French for "goodbye."
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What does adieu mean?

Adieu is another way of saying Goodbye in French. provides translations for many languages. It means rather more than just goodbye. It is a ver ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Adieu?

According to Oscar Hammerstein, "yieu and yieu and yieu." . Admittedly, the above answer is amusing, but Sue, rue and whoalso rhyme with adieu.
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What is the past tense of verb bid adieu?

the only verb there is "bid" adieu is a noun or interjection past tense of bid is "bade" ergo I bade him adieu.
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Ado or adieu?

Depends on what you want. Ado: time-wasting bother over trivial details. Adieu: "Goodbye" in French.
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What does bid you adieu mean?

The word adieu means bye. Friends can use the term when they haveto separate for a small while, but will see each other soon.
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Sentence with the word adieu?

(Int.) As my friend boarded the airplane, I waved and shouted, "adieu! Have a safe trip ." (N.) When the hour grew late, the last of the dinner guests made their adieu to th ( Full Answer )
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What is the French 'Adieu' in English and Italian?

Farewell is an English equivalent of the French 'Adieu', which literally means 'To God'. The equivalent in Italian is 'Addio' , which is pronounced 'ahd-DEE-oh'. It's formed ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of time to bid adieu?

Time to bid ADieu is simply old French for "To God". When we say "Good bye" we are also saying "God be with you". In Spanish it is A DIos - again "Until we see God"
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What does adieu mon m'amie mean?

"Adieu mon ami" means "Goodbye, my [male] friend." ('amie' being the feminine version of 'ami') The equivalent phrase, when said to a female friend would be "Adieu, m'amie".
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Is this usage correct adieu to something?

Perfectly fine. "I'll be happy to bid adieu to these braces". "Well, friends, it's time I bid you all adieu; I've got a 6:10 tee-time tomorrow"
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What language does adieu from?

"adieu" is a French-speaking formula for taking leave from somebody, especially when you think you will never see them again. It translates "to God" as in I" leave your care ( Full Answer )
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What does much adieu about nothing mean?

It's either a misquote of Shakespeare's play "Much Ado aboutNothing", or it's clever pun on the same.
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What is the origin if the word adieu?

Adieu is French for goodbye and comes from the words a (to) and Dieu (God). Literally, you're asking God to go with them. Spanish "Adios" breaks down the same way. Both are de ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to the folksong father adieu?

Father Adieu I am sorry for you My heart is filed with trouble So what can I do? If I never see you any more till that last trumpet shall sound, prepare to meet in heaven wher ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to Adieu little captain of your heart?

Due to copyright infringement, Adieu, Little Captain of My Heart'slyrics are not available for free in any resource. The lyrics byAndre Rieu can be purchased, however.
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Adieu mein kleiner gardeoffizer lyrics?

If you are looking for lyrics to this song, you can do a searchonline. YouTube is a good place to start in order hear the song andget the lyrics.
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How can you use adieu in a sentence?

The word adieu is a French noun used to wish someone well when they are leaving; saying goodbye. Sentence example: I just stopped by to say adieu because I'm starti ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of adieu?

It means goodbye in French In Middle English, Adieu means "farewell", from early French, Adieu also means "farwell", froma Dieu, literally means "(I commit you) to God," fro ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to Adieu by Enter Shikari?

And I long for you to appear After losing your way Across star-riddled skies To carry you home And I long for you to appear After losing your way Across star-riddled skies ( Full Answer )
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What is the full form of adieu?

Adieu basically is a farewell remark or a parting phrase which is quite similar to goodbye, sayonara, so long, arrivederci, au revoir, etc. Adieu usually means good-bye, pa ( Full Answer )
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What is the pronunciation spelling for adieu?

The usual pronunciation is (ah-DYOO) or (uh-DYOO), more rarely (uh-DOO). The word is goodbye in French (from " a Dieu ").
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Is bided adieu is correct?

No, bided adieu is not correct. It "bid adieu" as in 'He bid adieu to the planes Indians.'
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What actors and actresses appeared in Adieu De Gaulle adieu - 2009?

The cast of Adieu De Gaulle adieu - 2009 includes: Virginia Anderson as Henriette de Gaulle Catherine Arditi as Yvonne de Gaulle Marion Bartherotte as Marguerite Philippe Begl ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Adieu - 2003?

The cast of Adieu - 2003 includes: Laurent Arnal as Le client Monique Barbarat as Agricultrice Thomas Bidart as Le Brancardier Axel Bogousslavsky as Paul Emile Breton as Agric ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Adieu - 2005?

The cast of Adieu - 2005 includes: Nick Ahrens as himself Fredrik Belgau as himself Christian Belgaux as himself Rico Desjardins as himself Mikkel Haraldstad as himself Atle L ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Adieu Philippine - 1962?

Adieu Philippine - 1962 was released on: France: 8 January 1962 (Paris) (premiere) France: April 1962 (Cannes Film Festival) West Germany: 24 April 1963 France: 25 Se ( Full Answer )
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What is the correct definition for Adieu?

Adieu is a French word meaning 'goodbye' or farewell'. It isparticularly used when you are leaving someone for a long time andare not sure when you will see them again. Transl ( Full Answer )