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How do you calculate a total acid on a dry drink mix with adipic and malic acid in it?

Hi, I don't know how to calculate adipic acid, but here's how I calculated the Percentage of total acid for tartaric acid in my wine experiment: If you use 0.1 N NaOH ( Full Answer )
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What does the root adip mean?

it could come from the latin word adeps, meaning fatadeptio-attainment adeptus from adipiscor which means to overtake, attain, aquire adipatus-fatty or florid(pl) adipatum- p ( Full Answer )
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How does adipic acid affect the body?

I really can't say for sure. Maybe you should look at a different site. Maybe even Wikipedia. At least it's WAY more reliable than Maybe you should just neve ( Full Answer )
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Is adipic acid halal?

Adipic acid is a sodium by-product that is generally obtained from animal fat. It is not considered Halal, but there are soy alternatives that are available on the market.
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What is adipic acid?

Adipic acid is a white crystalline acid, with industrial applications, including involvement in the production of nylon.