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How can the word adjuration be used in a sentence?

An adjuration is an oath taken by someone. it can also be an urgingfrom someone to do something. For example, "The adjuration of thedying man was too sincere to deny".
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How would you use adjure in a sentence?

I am not really clear on the meaning of the word, Adjure, and was seeking a sentence or a definition that I could better understand. Can anyone help?
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How do you use the word adjuration in a sentence?

The word adjuration is a noun for a solemn or desperate urging or counseling; an adjuration for all citizens of the beleaguered city to take shelter; a solemn oath. Example se ( Full Answer )
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What is an adjurer?

An adjurer is a person who adjures, a person who issues a formal command, particularly in a legal context, or who appeals or advises.