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The admins of horseisle?

There are three admins on HorseIsle, they are:. Joe, Miranda and DesertPaint.. I would just like to put out a message, that yes, they are admin, but they would still like to (MORE)
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How do you make people admins on proboards?

You must be an ADMIN to do this... . 1. Click your way to the members profile. . 2. Once there click MODIFY PROFILE (It won't be all capilitized) . 3. scroll downward (MORE)
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What is an uber-admin?

uber-admin is a computer term. an admin is usually a owner of something like a website. all uber means is that they are referring to themselves as something like or close to a (MORE)
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Who are admins?

The word "admin" is short for admninistrator. So if someone is an admin on a computer or a forum, or something, they have administrative powers.
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Who are the admins in howrsecom?

Sarahkat, Ow and Rivenwood Ow has closed her mailbox so you can't pm her. Answered by sjs123456 from, friend me on Howrse!
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Who are the Roblox admins?

. david.baszucki/Builderman - CEO . Erik.Cassel . Telamon . Matt Dusek . noob007 . Keith . RobloTim . timobius . jeditkacheff . jahrblox (pronounced yarrr-blox) . Ge (MORE)
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How do you make people admins on roblox?

There is no way to make another user an admin on the Roblox website. However, you can give a user admin-like powers within your place using an admin commands script. Check out (MORE)
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How can beat vortex admins?

1. You need research, find the admins weakness and put Pokemon's to match up their Pokemon's. 2.Good Pokemon, its no use using magikarp, legendaries are preferable but that (MORE)