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Can the administratrix of an estate be held liable for law suits pertaining to the deceased?

The estate of the decedent is responsible for paying the judgment in any lawsuit against the decedent. When notice of the lawsuit has been filed in the estate the Administrato ( Full Answer )
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How do you have administratrix transfer real property?

\nGenerally, an Administrator must petition the court for a license to sell the real estate. You would need to check the laws of your state. The attorney who is handling the e ( Full Answer )
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What is an administratrix CTA?

An Administatrix CTA is a fiduciary appointed by the Court to manage the estate of a deceased who either (1) left a last will and testament which did not nominate an executor ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to transfer property to the sole administratrix name?

You should consult the attorney who is handling the estate. Deeds should be drafted by an attorney and a court appointed administrator must obtain a license from the court to ( Full Answer )