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How do you completely reset your computer like take everything off back to normal where you have to download vista again and all your other things like adobe java etc and i also have vista?

If you have vista then you have a somewhat new computer. That computer came with a box of discs and in those discs there should be an operating system CD, simply put it in you (MORE)
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What is the best desk top computer to buy that can keep up with excellent and reliable performance while using large powerful art programs such as adobe Photoshop cs5?

Almost all recent desktop computers can easily run software such as Photoshop CS5 (See links below for system requirements). Such considerations should address what you plan t (MORE)
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Is 'adobe' an Italian word that means 'wood'?

No , adobe is not an Italian word that means "wood." Specifically, legno is the Italian equivalent of "wood." Its singular definite article il means "the." The pronun (MORE)
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How can one install 'Adobe Connect Software'?

One can install 'Adobe Connect Software' in several ways. One popular way is to download the free trial and than purchase the full software later. Another option is to purchas (MORE)
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What is the best type of computer to buy for nursing school that is not a Mac I am mainly using silverlight microsoft office internet adobe and ebooks?

If you're looking for a desktop, something like a Dell Inspiron "Small Desktop" would be good, although I would recommend NOT getting one that contains a Celeron CPU, they are (MORE)