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Who was Adonis married to?

He was not married. Aphrodite fell in love with him but, he got killed while hunting a wild boar. Aphrodite pleaded with Zeus to bring him back to life, which he did but, she ( Full Answer )
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What is an Adonis?

An Adonis is a flowering plant, also known as a pheasant's eye, or a beautiful man.
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Who is adonis?

well in mythology terms adonis was a young boy slain by a boar, but zues let him spend four months each year on the earth with persephone, four with aphrodite, and four wherev ( Full Answer )
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Who was Adonis?

Adonis was and is the Lord. A Strikingly beautiful young man while on Earth. But he is also Lord of this world.. The true one who created all, there is and will be. He is the ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of adonis?

Adonis is the Greek god of beauty. Therefore Adonis means beauteous, gorgeous and something along those lines. Hoper this helps!! :)
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What is the story of adonis?

Adonis is married to Aphrodite. (I did a litlle research and that's how I came up with this answer).
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Who did Adonis love?

Well Adonis loved both Persephone and Aphrodite, and I'm not sure if he was married.
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What is the Roman name for ADonis?

Adonis has the same name in both Greek and Roman. The mythologyassociated with him is also the same in both cultures.
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Who is Adonis in greek mythology?

Adonis was a mortal with whom Aphrodite fell in love (possibly after being scratched by one of her son's arrows). She took care of him and sheltered him, but to keep him from ( Full Answer )
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What are Adonis' powers?

Due to his suit gives him strength at Super-human levels, and his metallic-like armor provides invulnerability.
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What are facts about adonis blue butterfly?

One fact about the Adonis blue butterfly is that their source offood is horseshoe vetch. When they are till larvae ants willprotect them because the larvae secrete a sugar tha ( Full Answer )
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Where is Adonis in imagine champion rider?

If i remember correctly you have to finish the multiplayer levels, all in gold and then he appears, its really hard you can do it yourself (by holding the wii contol and the n ( Full Answer )
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Who played adonis in Star Trek?

If you are referring to the episode in season two, "Who Mourns For Adonais?", the character in question is named Apollo, and was played by Michael Forest who appeared in sever ( Full Answer )
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Is there a photo of bobby adonis?

Yes, check the internet. I've found many. He was, at one time, the unofficial world record holder for the World's Largest Penis...but you won't find a nude photo of him...unle ( Full Answer )
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Did Adonis and Aphrodite have a child?

i wanna say adonis is more of a lust lover then lover she has had more then one child and of course husbands...adonis is also Persephone's lover too
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What is Super Junior Adonis Camp?

It is a programme where they filmed members of super junior camping in a house with children.
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What Adonis name starts with E?

Adonis Creed is the name of afictional professional boxer in the movie Creed. The movie is aspin-off of the Rocky films.
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What does Adoni mean in Hebrew?

Adoni = "my lord" or "my sir". In modern Hebrew, it's used to address strangers in the way that would would say "sir" or "mister" in English.
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How did Persephone help Adonis?

Persephone freed him from the chest that Aphrodite had put him in and given to her.
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What was Venus and Adonis about?

Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love, who got into a sexual relationship with a very handsome mortal man called Adonis.
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What is adonis DNA?

It's what Warlocks have instead of regular human DNA. These people also have tiger blood running through their veins. Charlie Sheen is one of the few known specifics with thes ( Full Answer )
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Is Adonis better than you in anything?

no because he is a wanabee and like to hate on u but it was funny when u punch him and made him bleeed lol
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What is an Adonis line?

There are two meanings for "Adonis Line". First, it is a line that represents a proportion of 1.618:1, the "golden ration". Second, it is a nickname for the V shape near a man ( Full Answer )
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What was the Greek god Adonis the god of?

Adonis was not a god, he was a man who was admired by Aphrodite and Persephone. Since they kept fighting over him Zeus said that Adonis will spend four months with Aphrodite a ( Full Answer )
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What does the name 'Adonis' mean?

The male given name Adonis is synonymous with beauty , derived from the Hebrew language.
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How old is Adrian Adonis?

Adrian Adonis was born on September 12, 1954 and died on July 4, 1988. Adrian Adonis would have been 33 years old at the time of death or 60 years old today.
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What is a fact about Adonis the greek god?

Well, for one, he wasn't born a Greek god. He was mortal man: at his birth he was loved by Aphrodite, and then by Persephone, when he died, he spent two-third year with Aphrod ( Full Answer )
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What was the personality of the greek god adonis?

Adonis was a very minor figure, and thus, wasn't totally fleshed out. Most myths that contain references to Adonis were about how people reacted to him, not how he reacted to ( Full Answer )
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Was the poem Venus and Adonis popular?

Terrifically. It went through a number of editions in the few years after it was first published in 1593.
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Who was Adonis in Greek Mythology?

Adonis was the God of Beauty and Desire. His name is often applied to modern times to attractive male youths, of whom is is to be the archetype. His religion belonged to women ( Full Answer )
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Can Jewish people say Adoni?

Yes. Adoni, means, "Good Sir" or "My Lord" as you would address itto a weathy landowner or similar. Adonai refers to God and is notused outside of prayer.
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How old is Adonis Thomas?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Adonis Thomas is 21 years old.
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What is an Adonis belt?

An Adonis belt is another name for the iliac furrows, the visible indentation above an iliac crest and below the navel.